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Hi Alina,

Thank for your question. Yes, self esteem and fear of communication is a common problem today and shamanism can definitely help with that. In my shamanic healing approach, I would help you connect to the origin of why you have this particular issue, and where is the origin of your fears related to that. We then proceed to healing the reasons why you have this issue and fears.

Sometimes, the origin is really close, like a certain event or a series of experiences in our early years of development, and sometimes it goes back deep, like in one or more of our past lives. Just like in this life we can heal the reasons and origins of the issues and problems we have, we can do the same for past lives and experiences.

Looking into past life trauma and issues can help heal things that don't seem to be directly related to a particular event/problem in this life time, although it's usually connected because it's a complex system and one thing is usually connected to another.

We can also work on clearing the karma that is relevant to that particular issue, so that this general kind of problem can be released and so that you can be more of your authentic self, be aligned with your true self and express yourself freely in your authentic way.

I hope this answered your question :)

PS: Sorry for my late reply!

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