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A poem on Love

Of true love

Love doesn’t require proof.
It shines in the beloved’s eyes.
Love sparks positive energies.
It illuminates the beloved’s path.

Love multiples happiness.
Love elevates joyfulness.
Love adds goodness.
Love brings closeness.

Love lets go of hatred and prefers kindness.
Love discards skepticism and accepts change with eagerness.
Love crushes insecurities with fearlessness.
Love disowns negativity by adopting mindfulness.

Sadness changes into cheerfulness.
Sickness is transformed into wellness.
Loneliness is replaced by togetherness.
Uselessness of life gets a new lease in usefulness.

Loving hearts appreciated each other with gratefulness.
Loving hearts treat each other with tenderness.
Loving hearts deal with each other's faults with forgiveness.
Loving hearts exist in total harmony to achieve blissfulness.

© Fatima Imam (All Rights Reserved)


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