Fouzia Noureen2023-11-02 16:13 UTCabout personFouzia Noureen

Hi friends ! Why we take for granted of those relationship who take care of us who loves us who silently pray for us who are very special but we always take them for granted.
Who are they?? Do you know??
Yes they are our parents we love them but we always forget their silent love and hard work behind our success.
When we become some valueable person we give preference to those people who are our friends and some favourite people but we forget who should be preferable first in our lives..
They are always happy to see us.they never ever try to improve their importance but just silent.
We regret when they leave us.
So please if you have your both parents or even one of them please take most Care of them because they should have first priority in your life.
Spend quality time with them take care of their needs before they demand.
Give them special importance and respect.
If they are too old think they are like child.think before it's too late.God bless all of you.


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