Schanaaz Naz Rayner2021-06-08 14:28 UTCon articleThe quest for k…

Forgiveness- Truthfulness. Believe in yourself but if you are too damaged and lost faith in yourself. That’s ok.. Believe in the omniscient, In whatever form of energy it has made its self known to you. We must forgive, and be forgiven by ourselves or the omnipresent to keep our auras clean, F you find it hard to forgive yourself for being truthful, call on the Great Creator to do it for you. Forgiveness is vital, ( I.e. The truth can cut like a sword, hard to swallow or make us defensive or angry.. but ultimately it lightens, strengthens and keeps on the right path to final destination. depending at the stage -a human is at) Like my Brother says there is only unconditional Love always just waiting for Us. Salaam alaikum warahmatulla wabarakatu

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