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The quest for knowledge

Jun 7, 2021
Че Ауаттем кïи
Core Spirit member since Jun 5, 2021
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Goodblessing in the forever advancing present, inwardly - alldimensionally. I honour the seeker within as divine wisdom in purpose. The miracle of knowledge may find its root from one heart in all. As we can breathe and feel, may we hear each tone in beauty - each photon of light with wonder.

You are the living language as a sense to know. You are what (?) as a question. The quest 'I' is on. It is really defined only by your seeing of the light that is you in the eyes of all others. If at all you are at rest in the peace of silence - you will be sure to find this reflection of love as well; it can only ever be faster than the measure of the fastest motion. The knowing is the instant - eternally growing.

It maybe overwhelming, even unbinding - bewildering to everything ever until now thought to be. So - it is so. That i am here to help the remembering on this journey of your unique blossoming - from all of the seeds you truly sow. The purity can wait unconditionally within your garden bed for that one great storm that will bring you the brightest rainbow.

May all that is forever perfect hold your patience in sweetness. Be brave - be cunning and ruthless. The one aim between each line upon your horizon. Share fruitfully every diamond from each leap of faith through the reconcilliation in the adventures of your being - the only limit is the imagination.

And - well - that is a chance you can take before you even ask… that inexplicable longing for the days when knowing becomes luminescence by the enigma that you have yet to dream up.

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Schanaaz Naz Rayner3y ago

Forgiveness- Truthfulness. Believe in yourself but if you are too damaged and lost faith in yourself. That’s ok.. Believe in the omniscient, In whatever form of energy it has made its self known to you. We must forgive, and be forgiven by ourselves or the omnipresent to keep our auras clean, F you find it hard to forgive yourself for being truthful, call on the Great Creator to do it for you. Forgiveness is vital, ( I.e. The truth can cut like a sword, hard to swallow or make us defensive or angry.. but ultimately it lightens, strengthens and keeps on the right path to final destination. depending at the stage -a human is at) Like my Brother says there is only unconditional Love always just waiting for Us. Salaam alaikum warahmatulla wabarakatu