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Overcoming Fear

  1. Increase your awareness. The first thing to do is to recognize how much they're interfering with your daily life, and holding you back from being happy and free.

  2. Try to be specific. What is it that worries you about the situation? What is the one thing that terrifies you most?

  3. What do you need? Reassurance, support, or a friend by your side? Or perhaps you need to learn and acquire new skills? Once you know what you need you can seek out that help.

  4. Try journaling. Writing down your different fears can be a source of release - so you don't feel so powerless, or trapped and overwhelmed. Also, writing things down often helps clear our minds, so our thinking's more rational and less emotional.

  5. Talk to someone. It's often very damaging to bottle things inside. So try and find a friend who you know will understand. Also, it's hard to keep fighting when you feel you're alone.

  6. Arrange to work with a counselor. A counselor is trained to help you uncover the roots, and to teach you the skills that you need to cope with fear.

  7. Do it afraid. By choosing to take action and face your different fears you will undermine their power, and the hold they have on you.

  8. Flip the fear around. When your mind is assaulted by a sense of fear and dread - turn the situation around and imagine things going well ... Then, think of how you'll feel if you don't give in to fear.

  9. Look for a role model. We know that there are others who also live with fear - yet they refuse to give in, and they choose to push through fear. Watch and learn from their example - and do the same things, too.

  10. Normalise failure. None of us is perfect, or always confident. We all make mistakes, and we all get it wrong. But trying leads to progress and change over time. Understand you're on a journey; be patient with yourself.


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