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d.swan8mo agoEsoteric Knowle…

Wonderful synapsis! I've been delving deep into this and have found this:

Information/misinformation - 'in form ation' = 'outline, concept, IDEA'. ALL IS MIND (Kybalion) From the 'unseen' (FATHER - one who 'BEgets' a CHILD/a RE-production of pre-existing substance), combined with the MOTHER/matter, ALL 'material' EXISTence occurs in the MOMENT/PRESENT. Words are symbols signifying or representing an underlying thought/THOTH. All traditions/religions are merely the conveyance of an 'idea' of MIND. Take the Hebrew (ONE FROM THE "OTHER" SIDE) tradition, for instance. ISRAEL (he that striveth/contends/FOUGHT with god) was an attempt to express the 'unseen' in a set of symbols including letters, words and outward FORMS to convey an 'underlying' TRUTH. What is this 'truth' that is 'contained' in ALL traditions? Let's look at the message indicated in the 'symbols' of the tabernacle/movable tent where the "PRESENCE" of god supposedly dwelt/inhabited. The symbology contains, among other things, the same principle found in the HINDU (sindu or 'river') tradition which is about the 'body' where SHIVA (that which is not or 'unseen' before existence - that state of pure BEing)with its 7 chakras shown by the 7 candlesticks that 'must be lighted'. These are the endocrine glands. The reproductive (testicles or ovaries) or 'earth' principle of 'cohesion', the pancreas or 'water' element and principle of contraction, the adrenal glands or 'fire' element or principle of expansion, the thymus or 'air' element or principle of locomotion, and the thyroid gland or ether or 'space'' principle. These cover the 5 'material' aspects of the 'creation of the ONE MIND'. The other TWO are the pituitary and pineal glands representing lower and higher MIND. In yoga (which literally means 'union' or communion), the practice of breathing rhythmically or in 'balance' (think of the symbol of the 'scale of JUSTICE') while maintaining symmetrical bodily 'postures', allows an 'individual' (an individuated 'piece of the whole ONE') to bring the body/temple into balance. With diligent, daily practice of balancing these 5 elements (FOOD which contains minerals, metals, water, air - particularly, CLEAN substances that are in accord with NATURE, not artificial), the motion of breath exercises the muscles a little at a time and ALLOWS the TWO 'sides' of body AND BRAIN to come to homeostasis. By 'raising' the cerebra-spinal fluid up the spine (33 vertebrae/years of 'Christ') to Golgotha (the skull) into the hypothalamus (cave of BRAHMA or 'ABRAHAM' in a different arrangement of the letters/symbols) where the pituitary gland (holy place) and the pineal gland (most holy place) are located between the TWO hemispheres (of the ONE brain in TWO 'dimensions') - the two cherubim on the ARC. The pineal gland contains calcite crystals (the tablets of the LAW) that, when spinal fluid is 'pressurized by muscular contraction, VIBRATE and create a piezo-electric FIELD which resonates with the ENTIRE EXISTENCE. Akashic records of every event that has ever occurred in the ONE MIND called 'ultimate consciousness' or GOD. Living in 'the time of the patriarch' represents mankind out of balance in that the left-brained masculine, linear thought vibrations dominate the 'whole body'. It is a mindset that is focused on the information or 'data' gathered by the 5 physical senses but does not account for the 'unseen', right-brained, feminine, HOLISTIC aspect of the ONE. Prior to the unification of the individuals TWO aspects, there is only a 'divided' VIEW of the existence. This is the 'separation from God' depicted in Judeo-Christain traditions that is only 'overcome' by learning how to exist as a MENTAL BEing in the physical body. The MIRROR of life is another WAY to understand that everything created by MIND (which each ONE of US is a part or 'CELL' in greater BODY) is interrelated and co-dependent on ALL of the OTHER parts. The only WAY to unite mankind into ONE body is for each 'dis-eased'/unbalanced cell to be brought back into a proper, homeostatic relationship. Until then, those who are not yet in this state view only the outer and continue the internal WAR in the 'heavens'/hemispheres. The old adage "you can't give away what you don't possess' is true. In the Old Testament story, the people of ISRAEL/who fight against the 'ONEness' demanded a king or 'ruler' to manage their affairs instead of 'understanding' (standing under the authority of) the 'unseen' ONE that actually LIVES in each ONE of them/US. From this point of view, the REFLECTION of who YOU (the TRUE SELF) is misinterpreted as being 'OTHER' instead of RE-COGNIZING that to kill another is to kill your SELF. "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOUR SELF" is not metaphorical, but REALITY, the fact of the matter. Once I stop fighting within my own mind, I realize that there is no enemy. Satan means 'adversary'. I met 'the adversary' in my bathroom mirror. It is my hope that this age-old message will penetrate the readers 'understanding' of the 'illusion' of separateness and bring US back together/TO GATHER again. This is the ideal contained in ALL traditions. Mind/matter (MOTHER), Shiva/Shakti, Yin/Yang. Spirit literally means 'breath'. BE FILLED with the spirit literally means breathing deeply which 'sustains' life. THE BREATH OF LIFE. Once the 'body' is understood to be 'an image' of the unseen ONE, then, and only then, will humanity see that the entire, outer world is a part of their true SELF including the 'rivers'/blood, endocrine, spinal fluids. The earth/bones, muscle tissues. The air/lungs and 'TREES of life'. The thoughts/very first principles that set 'vibration' into matter/MOTHER. AWAKEN. NOW.

Do not 'believe' (accept without truly knowing) but practice this and you will come to KNOW truth and then know how to reshape the 'world'. KNOW THY/YOUR SELF. I AM ONE. YOU ARE ALL MY PEOPLE AS I AM YOURS.

The 'global' currents of the human body are carried by the 'nervous' system. Dis-EASE occurs when there is a constriction due to physical imbalance thus causing some parts of the body to be 'starved' from lack of FLOW. When left of right dominate, there is imbalance in the body. The global economic CURRENCY is the same. Removal of systems of constriction (fiat) is the only WAY of a healthy 'body of humanity'. Planetary imbalance is the next higher 'sphere' of existence. Then cosmic. Observe nature in your own body and the planet your body is constructed from and then you will need no 'teacher'. The manual is YOU.

Those who live in ignorance (ignoring) of their own responsibilities and blame others for their woes can only expect someone else to do it for them. They won't be happy with the outcome. If people won't even take charge of the s**t they put in their mouths and what comes out of their mouths (words), then they can only whine about 'the world' situations they find themselves in. Time to grow up, children. Deal with you and let others do the same. This goes for 'oppressor' as well as 'oppressed'. Poor diet = poor body and brain health and an inability to think (and 'see') clearly. Get this correct and watch what happens in your life.

The snake is strictly carnivore. Instead of eating the fruit and vegetables of the 'garden', something was killed and eaten and the 'eyes were opened' to what is good and bad. Taking a life of a higher life form and eating it is too close to killing each OTHER. What did the story say about the 'first couples' children? Murder surfaced. This has translated to the future generations. The 'trauma' of veterans of war pass this on to the next generation. In the monasteries and caves reside those who eat proper diet, keep the 'system' clear and demonstrate HEALTH. THIS IS THE WAY.

Thank you for your wonderful article!

The Piper

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