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Hi Joan,
Yes, Ayurveda would help. According to Ayurveda, usually the root cause of sleep disorders and other health issues is due to tendencies of one`s type of digestion or a particular Dosha imbalance of your digestive fire, (Agni in Sanskrit).

In your private initial Ayurvedic Consultation with me we would need to discuss any other health concerns you are currently experiencing, and your previous medical history. I assess your current state of health, digestion, and I will determine your unique mind-body-consciousness type.

Next is your Personalised Ayurvedic Health and Well-being Plan Session in which we will discuss your unique mind-body-consciousness constitution, tendencies, and individualised lifestyle and nutrition recommendations to follow for 3-4 weeks.

Results depend on the individual, and how your own physiology restores balance after 3-4 weeks of implementing personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and/or taking herbal remedies. Usually clients experience a transformation in their health during this time.

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