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Alexis Suarez2022-06-27 13:22 UTCin global channel

There's a reason you feel called to share your stories with the world.

Everything in this world has a reason! Your stories told from your unique point of Consciousness, are essential to this world. Some stories will inspire others, others can teach something or warn others about the mistakes made by the narrator. Each story gives us useful information, each story will always find a response from those who most needed to know this story.

Create and share your joy with the world. Share your experience, whatever it is! Feel free to share your stories with each other.

You will never know how much you lighten the hearts of those who know them.


Jonathan Tayron2022-06-28 12:59 UTC

Each story is more or less useful information. Everyone can perceive the same story in different ways, and this unique experience of perception is amazing!