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I hope you start to believe that you are worthy of everything you want in this life, and that you are not asking for too much.

I know how difficult that can be at times because no one comes out of this life unscathed - we have all been weathered by this world in ways we did not deserve, in ways that have stuck. We have all been dug into, we have all experienced things that have darkened our hope.

I am sorry you had to experience things that wore down your strength; that you had to go through certain losses that carved into you lessons you were too young to learn, lessons that were too heavy to hold. I am sorry that somewhere along your journey, society convinced you that you were not full of purpose, that you had to want less, or settle for things outside of what you had always dared to hope for. I am sorry that at times the world made you feel like you didn't hold space within it, that you didn't deserve to be here, or to be loved, or to be the kind of human being who achieves profound and beautiful things. I am sorry that you had to endure things at the hands of love that made you stop believing in its goodness, that made you stop believing in just how possible it was for you to find something real, and pointed, and full in depth in this generation. I am sorry that somewhere along your journey, you were convinced that you could not dream the way you wanted to dream, that you could not strive to experience all of the beauty this life has to offer.

And I know that sometimes because of all that you have been through, you doubt the part of yourself that knows there is more out there for you. But you have to trust it.


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