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Emma Gardner3y agoTrauma

Thank you so much for this article. Trauma is a terrible thing. I think a lot of problems also come from the fact that many people do not know that they are psychologically traumatized. I mean that it was only after many years that I realized that my self-loathing is the result of childhood injury, that is, my problem did not appear from scratch. But what to do next? I don't know. I think that in principle many people with low self-esteem do not just dislike themselves, each has its own story and traumatic memories. I took the events that happened to me for granted, so I didn't even think that it could be something traumatic but as it turned out it was. How do you think how to find this source in your memories and how do you even realize that you were traumatized and how? How to understand in general that there is a source of excessive nervousness, anxiety, lack of emotions and so on?

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