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Principles of Mutual Ownership: Thoughts, Ideas, and Identities.
“The things you own, wind up owning you.” That’s probably my favorite movie-proverb among many others. I like that line especially because it has a way of di...
Adam J. Red
Natal Astrology
Astrology Wakes You Up!
Astrology can be useful on many levels and at different times of life, but it is a great asset when you are beginning to ‘WAKE UP. By this I mean when you ...
Lucinda Tinsley
Roman Mythology
The meaning of Abracadabra (+ Interesting Facts)
Today you may hear the word 'Abracadabra' when a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat, but many years ago it was actually believed that…
Demi Powell
Natal Astrology
The Value Of Astrology And Knowing Your Birth Chart
First, let’s get a good understanding of what the birth chart represents. I see it as the blueprint of your life that shows both your challenges and the seed...
Lucinda Tinsley
Dao: History and Meaning
Different forms of contemplative practices have been one of the key elements in Daoist tradition. This essay will appear in four parts dealing with:1. Histor...
Demi Powell
What to eat according to your Zodiac Sign
Did you know that each zodiac sign is l…
Demi Powell
The History of Swastika: Symbol of Luck and Charm
It has long been known amongst historians and anthropologists that humans’ evil actions give meanings or reshape the perceptions of even the most peaceful of...
Demi Powell
Who Are True Shamans
Every person on this planet can develop a great relationship with their own Spirit. In fact, one can find the connection with their inner healer and heal one...
Demi Powell
Slavic Mythology
Gods of Slavic Mythology
Unlike some creatures of ancient Slavic demonology, like vampires and strigoi, which went on to earn a good deal of worldwide notoriety and even became part ...
Demi Powell
Egyptian Astrology
The History of Astrology [Egypt]
If there was one thing that embodied the concept of the divine for the ancient Egyptian, it would be transformation. A notion that a thing can become another...
Demi Powell
Western Astrology
Your Saturn Return: Life Begins Now
Even if you aren't an expert in astrology, there's a good chance you've heard about Saturn returns. Saturn returns  are the crisis that happens in your late-...
Ada Pembroke
Aries - Everything Else You Need To Know
Aries Traits And Everything Else You Need To KnowAries is the first sign of the zodiac and leads us into a new astrological year, and with the Aries "I am" a...
Her Luxury Wellness
What is a Gnostic?
A Gnostic could be a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Taoist, a Muslim, a Hindu, etc. so long as such a person values a personal and direct relationship with ...
Michael Smith
Slavic Mythology
5 Popular Stories From Slavic Mythology
Unfortunately, Slavic mythology originated in the days when writing was not a norm, and because of this it has never been recorded officially by Slavs but ra...
Demi Powell
Slavic Mythology
The history of Vampires
Typical of Slavic folklore, vampires and upiórs made their way into the popular culture and iconography of Polish Romanticism. The art-work is from thsmall ,...
Demi Powell
Slavic Mythology
The history of Slavs
Slavs, meaning who?At a first glance everything seems neat and simple. At the turn of the 6th and 7th centuries AD, the…
Demi Powell
Tantra is the way to a new kind of Loving
Tantra is a bridge between the old way of loving to a new possibility. It is a possibility that we have had glimpses of or maybe what we have just imagined w...
Demi Powell
Egyptian Astrology
Find out Your Zodiac in Egyptian Astrology
Everyone knows their Zodiac sign. It's not a very common knowledge though that the astrology we are used to is Western astrology. Besides it, there are other...
Demi Powell
How to know if you're actually busy, or you just have a lot on
It was Michael Neill who first raised my awareness to this distinction. Have a read and see what occurs to you.What are we looking at here?A couple of people...
Helen Amery
Medical Astrology
How Does The Moon Affect The Body?
How Does The Moon Affect The Body?In Ancient civilisations, the Moon and the Moon's phases had a deep connection to our body, health and our relationship wit...
Her Luxury Wellness
Mayan Astrology
Zodiac Signs According to Mayan Astrology
The variation in Astrological sciences d…
Demi Powell
Phoenix rising from the Ashes (Reborn & Rebirth)
Everyone has their own preference or likings. Not because someone is not attracted to you or doesn’t like you means there’s something wrong or not right with...
Hasyb Malyk Muqaddar
Yoga Facts
The world “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root “Yuj”—meaning “Samadhi,” “connecting,” or “union”Yoga began around the year 10,000 B.C at the beginning of huma...
Devi Samata
Japanese Monks – priests of nothingness
Those familiar with Japanese background or culture might have seen some version of a komusō, or “priest of nothingness.” Instantly recognizable (and simultan...
Demi Powell