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Value Theory
Your age and the question you should ask and keep asking

We have a question to ponder deep within us every seven years. When I came across this image I was blown away. So I decided I must share, I also wrote some questions to help you get started.

Take a deep breath abc slow down! It’s time …

Artificial Intelligence & Shamanism

There is an honest question to be asked whether shamanism, as it is presented to us in the West as ideology or world view, actually exists today. What does exist are a number of shamanic practices that differ from place to culture, from culture to cult…

Moral Psychology
Top 10 Philosophers To Follow In 2020

Some people think that philosophy has been dead for a long time. In fact, this couldn’t be more wrong. Philosophy is very much alive with very bright representatives of the industry who share their thoughts on feminism, ethics, morality and so many oth…

You (and Your Therapist) Can Change Your Personality

A question for the ages: Are you stuck with yourself?

Plenty of researchers who study personality would answer in the affirmative. For…

Gender Equality
What is New Age Spirituality?

New age spirituality refers to a non-unified set of beliefs and practices that emerged towards the end of the twentieth century in the western world. The foundations of new age spirituality are built upon both eastern and western religious traditions, …

Can All Be Forgiven?

The question of forgiveness is one that comes up in both personal and political contexts. What this means is that forgiveness is not simply about harms done to ourselves or those close to us, but about the harms done to others in the larger community. …

Buddhist Ethics has a good day: on Philosophy, East and West

Almost 3 years ago exactly, 3 AM Magazine interviewed Jay Garfield, one of the best-known Buddhist philosophers in academia today. I wrote about that interview and still look back fondly on the comments and conversations that ensued.

So it was wi…

Stoicism: What Makes this Ancient Philosophy Relevant and Bol...

When I was nineteen years old I was told to read a book: .

Of course, I didn’t fully understand it at the time, again I was a teenag…

What Stoicism Can Teach Us About Happiness

For many of us, there comes a time when it becomes clear to us that a pursuit of happiness through amassing material wealth and power does not do the trick. Whether or not we’ve attained some level of external security, that inner peace and contentment…

Business Ethics
Top 6 Emotional Intelligence Experts To Learn From

Emotional Intelligence is one’s ability to understand and manage their own emotions as well as those of others. If you know what you are feeling, what your emotions mean and how they can affect other people, it means that you have a high degree of emot…

Ethics of Care
The Ethics of Parenting

When you think of the ethics of parenting, what comes to your mind? Perhaps you never gave much thought to the idea that ethics might be involved in parenting. Often the focus is on a child’s more immediate, daily needs. Developmental milestones are…