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Do you know your Human Rights?
Sep 21, 2021

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Every person has human rights from birth. They are all enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights, approved by the international community.

The first right is the right to life. No one can humiliate someone, either morally or physically. Nobody can beat, intimidate, force you to do something.
We are free people and have the right to live our lives with dignity, to realize our abilities and capabilities. No one has the right to persecute us because of our religion. We can think about what we want and express our opinion and our judgments.

We have the right to personal dignity and freedom. And therefore we can freely choose: whom to study for, where to work, whom to love etc.

Also, everyone is given the right to private property. By human nature we all want to have something of our own: a house, a car and other things. Nobody can take things away from the owner.

We can all move out freely if needed and even leave the borders of our homeland. As citizens, we can:

  • participate in political work
  • know everything that is happening in the country and in the world
  • be members of unions and parties.

We all have the right to work and do it safely, we can be the owners and organize our businesses. And in the social field, we have guarantees of education and medical assistance, we can also use cultural values ​​and be creative, we have the right to live in a favorable ecological environment.

Each of us must watch out for our rights and freedoms, be sure that they are not violated. And of course, defend them. And also - respect the rights of others, no less than your own.

We must be responsible for our actions, fulfill our civic responsibilities, do not forget about the rights and freedoms of other people. Work with dignity, raise our children and take care of our parents. Protect our history and culture, take care of the environment, and in times of danger, be ready to defend your homeland. Only in the union of the rights and obligations of people will we be guaranteed to have a decent life in our modern world.

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