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The Art of Communication
The Art of Communication:Since I can remember I have always been able to communicate with those who struggle to express themselves.I was one of nine children...
Anna Scott
In case you're energetic about aiding individuals and having an effect on their lives, working in medical care can be quite possibly the most remunerating vo...
Joseph Evans
Career Coaching
Career Coaching
With the speedy increase of employment possibilities withinside the healthcare sector, it’s no surprise some of the customers enrolling in fitness profession...
Jody Mills
Ideal Protein Diet
What to Eat to Have Good Hair and Nails
A great diet really plays a large role in how healthy, glossy, and strong your nails and hair become. Food is the purest way to get the vitamins and minerals...
Demi Powell
Medical Employment
You may begin your vocation in medical services as a volunteer or as a registration right hand. Or on the other hand, you may begin as an understudy just in ...
Alex Jones
Sustainability & Resilience
Notes on Sustainability
Flexibility, as both a term and an idea, has gotten substantially more articulated lately because of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. While portraying our ca...
Alex Jones
Holland Codes
Profession choice
When it comes to students choosing what profession to pursue, the variety of alternatives can appear daunting. With that in mind, psychologist Dr John L. Hol...
Joseph Evans
Holland Codes
Holland Code
A Holland Code is a 3-letter code this is made from an individual's 3 dominant character kinds out of six feasible choices, in line with a concept advanced v...
Joseph Evans
Advaita Vedanta: Hindu Nondualism
Nondualism is a different and unmistakable convention in Hinduism that starts rather late and yet has exerted an impact, both in India and—a lot later—in the...
Alex Jones
Health & Wellness
The Second Wave:COVID 19- Everything we need to know about it and protect ourselves
There was a small but significant respite from coronavirus, with steady decline in cases in the last few months of 2020. But the sudden spike of Cornovirus c...
Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd
Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
I was reviewing a few psychological lectures for my job. One of those became character assessments. The speaker cited the Myers-Briggs test, explaining that,...
Alex Jones
Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
What is The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the foremost widespread temperament tests within the world. It’s based on Carl Jung’s work. Katherine Briggs...
Alex Jones
Sleep and Dreaming
Depression and Sleep: An Endless Dark Night
How are Depression and Sleep Related?Depression and sleep are closely intertwined in a dark and nightmarish tango, in what is termed a bidirectional relation...
Sheila Balgobin - The Dream Decipherer
Assessment Testing
How Full Body Thermography Works
Key TakeawaysHow Full Body Thermography WorksOne Client’s ExperienceWhat Does Full Body Thermography Measure?The Smart ChoiceThere is a proactive, effective ...
Thermography Center of Dallas
Nutritional Therapy
The Blood Type Diet - Myths & Facts
This diet was created by a naturopathic physician named Peter J. D’Adamo. He wrote a book in 1996 entitled ‘Eat Right for Your Type’, this book has sold ove...
Sorcha Mc Elchar
Relational Ethics
Knowing what you see, saying what you think. Not so simple.
Knowing what you see, saying what you   think..Simple and obvious isn't it ?!Yet numerous experiments have shown that individuals submit to what the group di...
Anna Ramazzotti
Social Psychology
Crisis •  Is it real?
- CRISIS -.Sharing with you a text that I really like on the subject of the Crisis, I take the opportunity to  feed the famous two birds with one fruit (I am...
Anna Ramazzotti
Cognitive Psychology
Placebo effect: the amazing power of consciousness
Our mind is a strong healing instrument when given the chance. The thought that our brain can persuade our body a fake treatment is the real thing — the so-c...
Demi Powell
Global Brain
The Global Brain as a Similitude
There is little uncertainty that the main mechanical, financial and social improvement of the previous twenty years is the development of a worldwide PC base...
Alex Jones
Vegan Diet
38 Foods That Have Zero Calories
Calories provide the energy that your body needs to function and stay alive. While there is no evidence to support that negative-calorie foods burn more calo...
Demi Powell
Sexual Health
Discussing Sexual Health With Your Doctor
People can be very shy about their vaginas. Whatever your reasons for that might be, there's one person you should totally not feel shy about discussing your...
Demi Powell
Soft Skills Development
5 Key Steps to Build Soft Skills in the Workplace
The planet’s spinning with change and chatbots, and businesses are reacting by creating the soft skills that will keep them up to date. The best thing is, it...
Demi Powell
Sleep and Dreaming
5 Essential Habits for Healthy Sleep
All of us spend the day being conscious and aware and spend the night being seemingly unconscious and unaware. This rhythm of rest and activity pervades natu...
Demi Powell
Mindful Eating
Weight Loss after 40 - Doable?
So you got rid of processed foods and sodas. You exercise 5 days per week until you can't take it anymore. You count your calories, approaching food as an en...
Hana Kovac