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5:2 Diet
Drinking water on the 5:2 diet

Widely known as the ‘part time diet’, the 5:2 diet requires you to eat five days a week and fast for the remaining two days. It also allows you to consume a strict amount of 500-600 calories a day. This diet is adopted by people and individuals who are…

Brain Hacking
Food for thought – what to eat to become smarter

What does the food you eat have to do with how your brain functions? Turns out an awful lot. While we’ve always known that what we eat affects our bodies and how we look, scientists are also learning more and more that what we eat takes a toll on our b…

Healthy Eating in Today's World

Growing up as an only child with working parents, I was your typical latchkey kid. I would come home from school, plop down in front of t…

Specific carbohydrate Diet
The FODMAPs Diet – What is it?

A couple years ago I saw some blog posts popping up about the FODMAPs diet. I didn’t think much of it since I wasn’t looking for any digestive help at the time. Over the past year one of my good friends has been following it with success and it sparked…

Vegan Diet
Veganism: The Basic Principles

With more people every year choosing to cut out or cut down their meat consumption, Veganism is quickly becoming a hot trend in health and well-being. As we’ll find out in this article, however, veganism is so much more than just a diet.

The H…

Vegan Diet
Tips for Helping Your Family Eat Healthier

Any family knows of the woes that fussy eaters and kids can bring. Often working parents are at their wit's end trying to cater to everyone's preferences; sometimes, health can take a backseat just as long as everyone has eaten. Here are a few handy id…

Bacteria in your body make you fat

Is there a correlation between your biome and your BMI? In her new book, Why Diets Make Us Fat, neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt sheds light on this tangled, cryptic relationship.

There seems to be little doubt that the diet book of 2016 is Sandra Aa…

Here is what fasting does to your body

A Japanese Nobel prize winner has finally proven how staying away from food can actually help you live healthy.

Fasting has two very good benefits for us. Japanese scientist Dr Yoshinori Oshsumi’s Nobel prize-winning work on autophagy has shown h…

Vitamins and Minerals
Natural diabetes treatment shows to be effective

Bitter gourd

Light therapy
Quick Q&A with a professional doctor


Q: I have a new infrared sauna that I’ve been using for two weeks. I began at 95 degrees for 10 minutes, and now I’m at 100 degrees for 20 minutes. I have no major health problems, but my blood pressure is around 1…

Home Remedies
This ancient remedy is known to kill cancer cells

Black cumin seed oil stops cancer cell activity and can even kill some kinds of cancer cells. Scientific study has demonstrated that black seed oil (Nigella sativa) is a working treatment for cancer in animal research, and can be as effective as anti-c…

Raw Food Diet
Making organic sunscreen at home

In the book Zero to One, Peter Thiel asks readers to think what views/truths they hold that very few people agree with them on. For me, one such view is that most sunscreen is not working to avoid skin cancer and might even increase the chances of it!<…

Raw Food Diet
Beverly Hills diet – Pros & Cons

The Beverly Hills diet is a diet invented by Judy Mazel. She thinks that weight loss can be reached by eating foods in the correct combin…

Ovo-lacto vegetarianism
Plant based diet lowers cardiovascular death chances by 32%

New study supports the mounting body of evidence that eating more plant based foods and fewer animal ones may contribute to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

Not only is eating fewer animal products beneficial for the Earth, but it is al…

Add these herbs and spices to your kitchen

High in flavor and low in calories, they're packed with nutrients and surprisingly versatile.

Herbs and spices lend flavor, color and important micronutrients – all without adding fat or calories – to home cooking. And the culinary advantages of …

Natural and Organic Beauty
Eating after a cleanse is tricky

There are several ways to cleanse your body of toxins. Some of the strongest techniques involve fasting and juice cleanses. These programs require limiting the amount you consume for a period of time or allowing only organic juices to be consumed. Ther…

If you are diabetic and fasting, this is your perfect breakfast

Balanced breakfast meals often include eggs. And there is a good explanation for that. Eggs are known to be one of the most wholesome foo…

Home Remedies

often have we heard mothers or doctor’s advice their kids or patients to eat iron rich food? Often, we wonder, why a mineral is so necessary for our body and how we will ensure its enough supply. Today in this blog, we will discuss everything important…

Health & Wellness
Rosemary Based Recipes

Since rosemary continues to thrive over the winter, growing a lovely rosemary bush is a great way to bring this herb into your world, fresh and daily.

Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb originally and has naturalised over here in the UK.…

Clean eating
New Year’s Resolutions and Why Diet Culture is a lie!


With the New Year coming up, many of us will resolve to lose weight. But why? There are very strong forces at work in our society – a phenomenon known as “diet culture.” Diet culture equates thinness with health. It prom…

Weight control Diets
- Cabbage Soup Diet

Try Something New Like Rhubarb!

Catherine here,

Growing up in Michigan I became familiar with rhubarb as it grew in abundance near our farmhouse. My mom would make rhubarb pudding and rhubarb cake. The cake I loved but the pudding not so mu…

Zazen Meditation
How To Meditate: Zazen Instructions

Practicing the Breath

Begin rocking the body back and forth, slowly, in decreasing arcs, until you settle at your center of gravity. The mind is in the hara, hands are folded in the cosmic mudra, mouth is closed, tongue pressed on the upper palat…

Elemental Diet
An Elemental Primer: Use of Elemental Diets in IBD and IBS

In an article  Dr. Gary Weiner explains the history, use of and possible benefits to utilizing the elemental diet for IBS and IBD. This is part of our in depth series of posts on IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and…

Weight control Diets
The Ultimate Guide to the Hacker’s Diet

Are you tired of dieting? Eating less calories than you burn on a daily basis is a difficult thing to learn, so the best way to lose weight is quickly and efficiently so you never need to do it again. Why not lose weight with two very efficient tools –…