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Hatha yoga
Yoga For The Root Chakra

Yoga Poses For The Root Chakra

The root chakra is the first or base chakra in the hum...

Alexia Eden
How to Do an Energy Reading Using Crystals

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to do a general reading of the condition of the energy field or aura, to doing an energy reading, ...

Vivien S. Schapera
What is Crystal Surgery?

Crystal Surgery is a new system of Crystal Healing that engages the physical, chemical and electrical properties of crystals to adjust...

Vivien S. Schapera
Chaos Magic
How to Cleanse Crystals

Sunlight= Set out on a bright sunny day and let the sun do the work

(Notes) Some crystals like (Ametrine, Aventurine, Apa...

Stephan Howard
Esoteric & Occult
Archaeology Dig in Spain Yields Prehistoric 'Crystal Weapons'

Even in modern times we are fascinated by crystals - from the diamonds we use as a sacred symbol of partnership, to the plethora of 'h...

Article by George Smith
Crystal healing
Kundalini Rising and Crystal Healing by Judy Hall

Kundalini awakening is an on-going process not a one-off event. It happens in stages some big, some small. The signs differ not only w...

Article by George Smith
Lifestyle and Behaviour
How crystals can help shift stubborn energy

As a child, I remember my mother telling me about the healing power of crystals. I laughed it off and thought nothing about it until ...

Article by George Smith
Hindu Astrology
How planetary gem therapy can help to keep your heart healthy

Lifestyle, diet choices and many factorS make the heart prone to a number of ailments. The heart is, anatomically, the most important ...

Article by George Smith
Crystal healing
Why Crystal-Infused Products Literally Rock

It's not just the most stylish yoga teacher on your Instagram feed who is showing off a collection of crystals. The use of crystals in...

Article by George Smith
Crystal healing
How Crystals Work: The Science of Crystal Healing

No one can yet say categorically how crystals work, although there have been many suggestions based on vibrational resonance and the w...

Article by George Smith
The power of crystal energy

Natural crystals are so powerful that metaphysicians and healers throughout history have used them to alter the flow of energy in the ...

Article by George Smith
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