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Kundalini Rising and Crystal Healing by Judy Hall

Mar 29, 2018
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Kundalini awakening is an on-going process not a one-off event. It happens in stages some big, some small. The signs differ not only with each method used to activate it but also each person.

Individual experiences of the kundalini activation process vary considerably, some processes may be gentle and slow, others dramatic and rapid.The rise of kundalini is the aim of many practices such as yoga, meditation, tantra, chakra work and such like. When it is controlled, it fills the body with incredible, beneficial healing forces.

But it can be unintentionally stimulated as a side effect of practices such as shamanic journeying, breathing or movement – and even childbirth. When spontaneous or uncontrolled, it can literally blow your mind – or your body – apart. The effects can be traumatic, but crystals come to the rescue.

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