Latest Research Reveals: Essential Oils Can Help Treat Depression

Essential oils have many purposes. It is used in serving as a natural mosquito repellent and also in reducing pain. New study reveals that essential oils can help in treating depression. Essential oil cannot cure depression and should not be used as alternative to prescribed medicines to treat depression.Essential oils can however be used as a complementary therapy in conjunction with conventional treatment such as antidepressants and behavioral therapy. Studies on essential oils are hard to

Complementary and Alternative Holistic Health - 8 Remedies to Try in 2019

Summer is already here with the days becoming warmer and warmer and people spending more and more time outside. On a beautiful summer day, we all want to be healthy and glowing. For most, the main focus of leading a healthy lifestyle is exercising and keeping to a diet. While those can bring substantial benefits without a doubt, there are other great ways to enhancing your life, health and mood. Test one of the alternative medicine treatments described below and let me know what you
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No sense of smell? Can aromatherapy still work?

What happens if you have no sense of smell, does aromatherapy work? What a great question! Yesterday I taught two aromatherapy classes at a local college and one of the students asked me that question which left me thinking. Aromatherapy works with two
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Here Is Why You Should Try Palo Santo To Cleanse Your Thoughts

Using Palo Santo cleanses your thoughts, making you more positive and leaving you at ease. Before you use the wood, ensure it’s authentic. Burn one end of the stick, and start cleansing yourself from your toes, slowly moving upward to your head. Once this is done, you’ll feel spiritually elevated. Palo Santo also helps you with emotional trauma, stress, and anxiety.Palo Santo is obtained from a tree that belongs to the citrus family and is closely related to Frankincense, Copal, and Myrrh
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