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Zero Balancing: The Balancing of the Energy of Body Structure

May 8, 2018
Florence Adams
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Alternative therapies are the new pioneers in changing the landscape of the health profession. The healing arts have been around for centuries but for most of us, we are just beginning to recognize its creditability.

In the alternative realm, we use energy forces, affirmation, breath and manual techniques totreatourclients. Holistic and energetic cures have been applied with positive healing results(homeostasis). The best results occur when the healer takes the time to listen to the body and then apply techniques to assist the body in its own healingprocess. Zero Balancing (also called ZB)is a perfect example of one of these whole body,holistic modalities.

ZB is a structural acupressure system primarily addressing the skeleton of the body providing a unified approach to mind/ body healing. Our joints play a crucial role in structural integrity and small changes made during a Zero Balancing session can have far reaching consequences throughout the body. The perfect blend of the Eastern concepts of energy and healing, ZB practitioners work bringing structure and energy into balance. Energy, an Eastern concept, is our vital life force known as chi. The overall health of the body can be determined by the balance of the life energy force flowing in a balanced fashion through the body.

The energy body comprises three aspects:

The physical body: blood, flesh and bone;

The mental body: the subtle force, life energy force is responsive to thoughts and feelings;

The spiritual body: unseen, universal energy.

Blocked or held energy can cause physical, emotional and/or spiritual trauma. When energy is balanced the body exhibit physical health and feelings of wellbeing, relaxation andbalance. Balance comprises duality of life: right and left, cool and heat, lunar energy and solar energy.The practitioner takes the time to listen to the body and applies ZB techniques to assist the body in its own healing process. It can clear, balance and help heal the energy pathways thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy, natural way through the structure of the bodyZB work is done in 30 to 40 minute sessions, fully clothed and usually starts with the client seated. Using touch the practitioner evaluates energy fields and establishes a connection to the client. Zero Balancing concentrates on the structural anatomy; the deepest and yet strongest part of the body. Therefore, structure holds the strongest energy currents. With the client lying on their back, the practitioner uses the weight of the client to reach the bone, through the soft tissue. Although the touch is noninvasive, the practitioner helps the client attain relaxation and restoreasenseofwellbeing. Practitioners establish a safe, comforting connection using a genuine contact with the client. The end result, Clients experience feeling of greater sense of movement. One session builds on the last, therefore maintenance sessions can be scheduled in monthly or longer intervals. Zero Balancing is a simple gentle approach that has the potential and power to change a person’s life.

It is a good idea to keep in mind that Zero Balancing may not be the cure for all ills but keep in mind healing occurs withjustasenseoflightnessandwellbeing. ZeroBalancing provides this and more.

by Living Well Magazine

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