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Your Breath, Heartbeat & Harmony of Life - Breathing Exercise by Sister Earth Creations
Oct 23, 2020

A Complementary Contemplative by Dianne Keast, Sister Earth Creations :

Breathing, heart focus, synchronicity of the mind & body; cultivating an emotional state of grace.

In clinical studies of this type of meditation, it has been proven to help patients train their autonomic nervous system & support their overall well-being & resilience.

The heart breathing exercise builds harmony between your brain, heart & other organs as well as the optimum connection between mind, body & soul. Doing it every day makes these harmonies stronger & assists you in feeling more connected to divine intuition & peaceful empowered experiences throughout your day. When you build this as a daily habit this process can come to life within you whenever you need it.

You should try to do this meditation every day & remember to try it for calming when you are anxious or upset.

During a crisis, it can be used as often as needed. Make a real effort to do this meditative exercise twice a day, every day for a week.

If it works for you consider making it a permanent daily habit.

Rather than attempting to memorize these instructions, I suggest you create your own recording with your phone, then you can listen anytime.

Or you might take turns with a friend; reading to each other.

Note that a breath cycle means inhaling & exhaling.

Heart Harmonious Breathing Exercise:

First, wash your hands, have a drink of water, turn off your phone, get comfortable.

Take a couple of deep breaths & relax.

All you will need to do is close your eyes, follow my instruction & use your imagination to the best of your ability.

Take your right hand and place it slightly to the left side of your chest so it’s covering your heart. Feel for your breathing & heartbeat for a moment.

Now just start taking some natural breaths, breathing with your natural rhythm.

Next, make your breath just slightly deeper than normal; but not so deep as to be unnatural.

Focus on letting yourself fall into a relaxed rhythm, breathing just slightly deeper than normal.

Continue the breathing rhythm & focus your attention on your heart, as you breathe imagine that the air is flowing through your heart, feel every rise & fall of your chest filling your heart with energy & know that this is synchronizing & balancing your entire being.

Continue breathing in through your heart, breathing out through your heart.

In through your heart, & out through your heart.

Do this for a moment. (about 4 breath cycles)

Now think of a past moment, no matter how brief, when you felt really good, a moment that you are grateful for & happy about. Allow yourself to be really truly, deeply grateful for this moment. Let this feeling fill you up.

Feel this moment in your body & allow this feeling to enter your heart along with the air.

Breathe this happy grateful feeling, breathing it in through your heart & out through your heart. Continue breathing this good feeling through your heart.

Now say in your mind “Gratefulness.”

Breathing this Happy feeling in through your heart & breathing gratefulness out through your heart.

*Now feel the happy peaceful feelings as they pass through your heart & go into your bloodstream, feel this soothing feeling flowing around your body… breathing in through your heart, breathing out through your heart & filling your body, continue on for a moment.

(about 3 breath cycles)

*Focus on the relaxing good feelings as they flow around your body. Let your muscles & tendons relax, as your chest falls feel the loosening of your shoulders, back & face.

Become more relaxed with every breath. The peace, relaxation & gratefulness spreading to every part of your body. Feel the happy relaxed feeling moving as you breathe.

*Imagine that your heart begins to glow with happy soothing light & this light flows throughout your body. (about 2 breath cycles)

Now imagine it flowing up & down your spine, happy & grateful (about 2 breath cycles).

Let it begin to move to your skin & imagine this glow on your skin, feel it, see it or hear it in your mind.

Let the glow fill your whole body & begin to radiate from you, extending about 6 inches all around your body. (about 3 breath cycles)

While you breathe through your heart say in your mind “Generosity” & as you do this imagine people throughout your day, including yourself, being peaceful, resilient & ready to overcome any challenges that arise. (about 3 breath cycles).

Take a deep breath & conclude by thanking the universe or divine forces.

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