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You are Sacred/We are Divine

Feb 19, 2023
Core Spirit member since May 26, 2022
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The universe erupts from a swirl of pressure and impatience. Cycles play out over and over again and now here you are. A spark of a spark of a spark. Now, shrinking that down to humans became and cycles played out over and over again, and now through your ancestor's journey of love, pressure, and impatience, here you are. Aware. Powerful enough to cast a shadow now. You couldn’t do that before and you won’t be able to do it forever. The human body, a sensory suit that you’re embodied in, will run out of strength and you’ll turn back into elements. No longer put together to shape a human person but, not entirely dead. Your energy will disperse out and your body will feed the earth, allowing it to pull through some more man-made atrocities. The you that you know, the you that you’ve learned won’t be there anymore but, energy will be there. The way you navigate will not be human-like. The way you sense things will not be the same way either. You’ll just be out there with other energy, collectively, and not feel that illusion of separateness that we peddle here while we can make a physical impact on a planet. It’s crazy to think that we are too fearful to come together and take care of one another and our planet while we are here. We act as if we can just take and take and take and use. Giving? That’s becoming unheard of. Caring? Not for free. We are so lost, as a whole. It’s sick. We can do better. I’ve said that many times. Fear and ego have really done us in, hasn’t it? Now we can’t step outside without wondering if someone's ego will kill us.

If someone's ego will destroy many.
If someone's ego will tear us apart for the sake of power hoarding and land hoarding.
Fighting over whose skin tone is better? Fighting to see who can get more land to abuse and strip? Fighting over whose sexuality is valid in private adult relationships? Who's prettier? Who can afford to get botox at 19? Who can impress men/women they don’t like? Who can show off their consumerism the best?
A sickness.
We lose ourselves in so much nonsense and forget our own divinity. Spark of a spark, you are powerful enough to make positive changes. You are strong enough to care. Look at you. It was such a long journey to you and that helpless, hopeless feeling you feel is on purpose. It makes money. It causes destruction, within and without. Spark of a spark, you are so sacred and beautiful and there is light and love in you that can be amplified and extended into your living. Don’t let social media and the works fool you. There is also air in those lungs on purpose. You’re here. You’re here! Things can change through you. Deny those who make you feel like you are nothing. You are everything. We are everything together. We can move things together. Care together. Grow together. Be together again with fewer illusions keeping us apart, sick and angry. There is more to us than what we’ve been raised to believe.

“I am all things. All things are within me. That is my power. That is my divinity”.

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Daniel Oketa1y ago

Great. Thank you