You are not a Niche
Oct 12, 2022

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This entire social media marketing thing is new to me. I started my trip through social media last year, and the steep learning curve has been steep. Like everybody else, I have been a consumer of all types of social media for many years, but knowing how the algorithms work is a different end of things. Crafting a message that will get through to the correct audience is time-consuming if you take the approach of ‘posting every day, or ‘you must be consistent. It is kinda like going door-to-door with a retail business. The amount of time it takes to gain traction with posting every day is daunting.
Marketing Yourself

When we step out of the shadow of a large corporation, or even a smaller one, it is a scary decision sometimes because the backup plan, if you fail, is to rejoin the large corporation you were trying to leave in the first place. There is going back but it is embarrassing to do that. So we are motivated to figure everything out on our own sometimes. This includes listening to every guru on the planet as to how to market yourself.

One bit of advice that is commonly given is to niche down. This means we are urged to pick a specific area of our area of interest to specialize in. That is if you choose the health care field as a copywriter you should pick a specific area of copywriting. Or if you choose to sell on Etsy you should choose just one product and have one shop.

This is all suggested for simplicity’s sake. It is easier for Medium members to go to your blog and find just one topic — the environment, or health issues. This simplifies us and distracts us from all we may find interesting.

What if you have more than one topic you want to write on? What if there is more to your interests than just Orcas in Puget Sound? What if you get bored writing on just healthcare issues? What do you do then?

What if you are what some are calling a multi-passionate individual? It is okay to have more than just one passion or project in mind.
How to Be More Than Your Niche

If you write you can have more than just one blog. You can write on Medium and Quora as I do and have more than that too.

I personally also publish on LinkedIn and sometimes Reddit — though not too much there. And I am looking at starting a Substack blog/newsletter. I personally love to write and now that I work full-time as a copywriter and grant writer I cannot get enough of it.

You can also have more than one personal blog for your writing if you choose to not use a pre-defined platform like this one.

Also, having more than one Etsy shop is okay too. If you like wall art and photography you can do both. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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