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Why the Content of Your Thinking is Not a Problem When You Wake Up to the Fact, You Are a Thinker

Sep 1, 2021
Lynn (MacDonald) Capsalors
Core Spirit member since Sep 1, 2021
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“I have to get this out of my head,” a client recently told me. I have to let it go. It’s not doing me any good. I don’t know why I do this. She was referring to a relationship she’s in that isn’t going very well.

Here’s the bottom line, it’s not so much about what you think but recognizing you are a THINKER.

The power lies when you wake up to the fact you are creating your own experience because you’re designed to live in a thought-created reality, not circumstance.
Most people innocently believe if their circumstances were different, their life would be different. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
How many people in your life do you know have risen beyond what anyone would have believed or imagined? They created a wonderful life even when they grew up in less than favorable conditions.

**Your power lies in the ability to wake up to the fact you are a thinker and have 100% power of FREE WILL and FREEDOM to live beyond the personal content of your thinking.
You have an invisible gift you were born with, the gift and power of Thought. It’s made up of the same spiritual energy as you and is the power behind life.
It’s like play-dough. You can create cars, sandcastles, bikes, people, and whatever else you could THINK.

Then, you decide you’d like to create something better, so you roll the play-dough up in a ball and start again and again and again.

The gift of Thought allows you to do the same.

If you don’t like how:
· you are thinking and feeling, you can change it
· you are reacting to someone; you can change it
· you judge and compare yourself to others, you can change it
· you feel anxious and depressed, you can change it
· you don’t like those habits and behaviors you created; you can change them
· you don’t like how you talk to yourself; you can change it
· you want to stop feeling guilty about eating ice cream, you can change it

One BIG distinction, you can’t manually change your thinking and feelings. It’s impossible because you were not designed that way.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to carry that burden. After all, when you eat, do you have to remember to turn on your digestive system?

The FACT that you wake up and realize you are in a head-based award-winning drama will return you to your default state of innate well-being.

Well, that comes with a caveat, you’ll return to your natural default state of well-being quicker when you don’t go poking around the contents of your thinking, looking for reasons why you feel the way you do.

It’s an illusion; it looks like insecure feelings are coming from outside of you due to the weather, traffic, an ex, or anything else people blame for the way they feel. Then they spend a lifetime trying to heal from talking about their “problems.”

All this keeps you tangled up in thought, going down the never-ending deep rabbit hole of unnecessary self-suffering.

Insecure feelings come from the stories you believe as truth from the filters of your values, beliefs, learned, and conditioned thinking.

Remember the last time you felt good for no specific reason? You had a glimpse of feeling happy, content, and peaceful?
You hit the jackpot! Which is well-being, mental well-being.

**Every time you live from well-being, you live without a filter as your true self, the true essence of love, understanding, gratitude, creativity, wisdom, and resilience.
You’ve cashed in on your divine inheritance!
What do you want? What are your secret wishes, dreams, and desires?

Do you know you are here on planet earth to fulfill a heart-passion mission helping to change humanity?

You are a creator and have the world at your hands when you wake up to the fact that you are a thinker.

A new chapter of truth living from well-being, unlimited potential.

The ONLY place to leverage the life you were meant to live and never believed you could.

Unlimited untapped potential awaits you when you live beyond whom you thought you were!

Who will you become?

What will you create and bring to life today?

Lynn (MacDonald) Capsalors
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