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Why I am not going back to watching the news

Apr 27, 2023
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Last week was definitely a wild week for the news. Big announcements. Big changes. Lots of uproar. And then the circus began again, with plenty of more viewers “opting out” going forward.

I was one of them, mind you, but I took it a step further. I chose to ditch both Tiktok and Clapper as well. Why? My initial response was reactionary, admittedly, but the unfolding that followed, rather purposeful. Simply put, I began to feel better by pulling the intravenous needle out of my arm for good and I am commited to holding fast for this reason and the ten others I share with you below:

  1. My faith - I can no longer reconcile my actions with my faith as I have found the carcass. Where there may have been doubt before, there is no longer. Jesus said, "Whoever has come to know the world has discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a carcass, of that person the world is not worthy."

  2. Renewed “joy” followed by “hope” - I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders, rekindling a state of joy and optimism that I hadn’t realized I’d lost. I was shocked to find just how much I had allowed my inner light to dim due to the bleakness I consumed daily;

  3. My creativity returned - No longer bogged down by negativity, all sorts of fantastic ideas began to crop up in my head, effortlessly. They just kept flowing. The stalemate was obvious;

  4. Improved clarity - I’ve realized that “I’m not helping by staying up-to-date in the manner that I am. I’m not helping me nor anyone else because it is leaving me drained and haggard. The power that I hold resides in my rest and clarity;

  5. I relish the quiet I’ve found - This includes in my own head and the world around me. The quiet has provided additional space to pursue important things to me, including certain hobbies and intellectual pursuits, extra moments with my loved ones, and expanding the company I keep with God;

  6. I’ve given myself back time - Or at least it feels that way. No longer preoccupied with the tonnage of depressing details working on my psyche, I feel lifted and free;

  7. I choose real issues over crazy - I’ve realized that I lose nothing by not participating in the crazy. The real issues will show themselves regardless. The actual litmus test for identifying truth, no one will have to tell me how poorly our economy is doing if gas prices are hitting fifteen dollars a gallon;

  8. My tomorrow is back in my own hands - I’ve gone back to planning my tomorrows, remembering that ‘the day I stop doing that’, I’m already dead. Plenty are walking around dead. I’m headed to Barcelona;

  9. I’m sleeping better - You never realize just how tired you are until you finally feel well rested. I feel well rested, vibrant, and healthy again;

  10. Finally, I know which side I am on - And that has always served me well.

My life has literally opened up again as a result of kicking the news, Tiktok, and Clapper out of it and stepping forward. Although I may not remain as well informed by current-day standards, I argue that I will end up more rightly informed and better prepared than I have been in ages -- in other words, all the gain without the pain, folks.

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Philip Ebuluofor1y ago

Sure mellowing things down a bit helps but all way? It becomes another problem to seek solution for later.