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Why are you not able to manifest? What's wrong in your visualization? Read On...

Jan 30, 2021

What is missing in your visualization?

In your life, every moment of everyday your heart is having a conversation with your mind. Every human heart is surrounded by energy and its height is 5ft and width is 3 mts. This energy can be made useful for us.

The institute of heart map has made an instrument that can measure the magnitude of energy. Every moment of every day human heart is sending signals to the brain to make sure the kind of signal it should send to the rest of the body.

In your schools, you would have learned the concept in physics, about the physical reality of atoms which were found in models with the nucleus at the center and it works on the basis of magnetic energy.

You can change the effect and the direction of flow of electrons by slightly modifying the electric and the magnetic field.

Our heart is the strongest, electrical, and magnetic field generators in our body. They are 5000 times more powerful generators than our brains. So, our thoughts, words and feelings creates certain amount of magnetic field in our heart which in turn manifests our reality.

The father of quantum physics Max Planck stated that the world we see doesn’t exist and there is no existence of matter. It can be seen only because of the consciousness and intelligent mind.

Our feelings are speaking to the blueprint in a higher dimensions and that has made the change in the physical world.

In the year 1944, Max plank coined this formula that mind is the matrix of all the matter. The movie matrix followed the same context which came in the 20th century. The intelligent and the non-conventional energy does not work the way broadcast energy works.

We have made a false assumption that there is nothing available in the empty space and but then we got to know with experiments made by scientists that there is something in nothing. The events happening at one place has a correlation with the other.

The quantum of possibilities out there has a direct link with the energies of the heart and that’s what mirror backs to us significantly.

Through this field, all matters appears to be connected with each other and this word is termed as entanglement scientifically.

Entanglement means when an event happens at a particular place its effect can be experienced everywhere simultaneously. This was proved by a scientist in an experiment in the year 1997, with the help of photons. It was split into two and ignited in different directions for seven miles but then although it was separate both of the photons were interconnected to each other.

We got to know that wherever we go we are surrounded by energy. A seed when watered on a tissue paper and when focused with energy will definitely germinate it. You can see the experiments on rice by masuro emoto and other people. Just look for rice thought experiment on google. The rice exposed to positive words and thoughts survive for a longer time . meanwhile the rice exposed to hate and abuse rots faster.

The same is the case with various other elements outside.

The subconscious mind is the feeling mind and is the vibration mind this will act as a barrier when you ingest fear and doubts in your mind. Thus you get delayed in your manifestation.

In such cases, we must introspect the type of feeling or image we are holding. Does it contain anger, jealousy, or any self-doubt. Whether you want to achieve something to show people out there or out of jealousy that you need to understand.

If you have a desire to achieve something, then first choose to stay in that vibration . when you see someone else has whatever you want then don’t create the feeling of jealous which will show what you lack also anchor the object of your desire to negative feelings. rather you can bless them with what they possess and create motivation for what you want in life and bless yourself that you also need this and you are willing to work for it. Remember your subconcious records everything! EVERYTHING……… say it out a loud….. AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT.

Such vibrations will create positive energy with whatever you want and will help you manifest it.

The subconscious mind cannot see you but it can only feel the emotions and through electronic switching station that is your brain………ask yourself where do you see pictures in your mind? You can visualize through your brain and feel through your heart.

When you hold the image for a long time with a supportive feeling for it then you will be able to manifest it.

So affirm and visualize every single day and it will happen eventually, this will shift your paradigm.

If you are not having the needed faith then you can hire a coach. A coach will help you to develop tools and techniques for helping you to practice visualization and manifestation.

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