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When God Says Wait

Mar 21, 2023
Core Spirit member since Mar 21, 2023
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I’m currently struggling with the words God has placed on my heart. “Wait.” This is hard because all I ever want is for things to feel as if they’re flowing. I constantly want the sensation that I’m doing something that’s life changing. Not only for myself, but the people around me. So when Jesus says be wait I feel stuck. Not only do I feel stuck, but frustrated

I want to start off by saying I know God never places appurtenances on our hearts that would hinder the future he created for us. He’s the beginning and end, he's already knowing of the outcome. It’s up to us as followers to decide if we’ll have enough faith to trust in his plan.

What do you do when there's so much fire burning on the inside of you. So many great ideas, and adventures you’re dying to take, and God is telling you to wait. In other words, Be Still. Why would he place all this inspiration in you just to put you on hold?

. . . . . .

Why is God making you wait?
God always has good reasons for making us wait. Waiting is a part of life which is one of God’s tools for developing people. Waiting helps us prepare for the good, and sometimes bad that comes our way. It helps us in our period of growth. Growing is a part of preparing. But instead of just preparing the things around you, this is about preparing yourself. Learn and grow as much as you can, so you’re ready for when the promise comes.

More or less God wants us to wait so we can be closer to him. We might believe the relationship we have with God is solid, but he may think otherwise. He’s ready to prepare you for the next stage in life, and with that he needs a deeper connection with you. More often than not once we receive the blessing we’ve prayed for we tend to drift away from his presence. Yes, we thank him for what he has given us, but the time spent with him slowly fades away. God wants us to have what has been promised, but does not want that to become distractions for time spent with him.

What should you do in your season of wait?
God intends us to be active while we wait, faithfully following him. We must ask ourselves what God wants us to learn. Then listen and cooperate with him as he works in, on, and through us. His waiting room can be a place of cleansing and character building, an incubator for our growing faith.

In other words be patient, Know at this time your relationship with the creator is flourishing. God always wants to speak through us, so make sure you’re listening closely. Just because you’re in your season of waiting, does not mean he has denied you of your promises. He needs you to be still and know that he is with you.

No matter how long the wait may feel, what test we may encounter, and what decisions we make along the way God is always in the center of the wait. Sometimes our choices might delay the fulfillment of God’s promises, but they will not prevent it.

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Afsheen Shah1y ago

Yes, sometimes we need to wait on God and trust his timing.

Philip Ebuluofor1y ago

Too hard to stand that waiting at times even when you know God is at work. Human nature I guess. From experience, I have seen that things fall Into the right places at the right time.