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What is Intuition

Sep 9, 2021
Colleen Gallagher
Core Spirit member since Sep 7, 2021
Reading time 3 min.

So many people especially businessmen, logical thinking people, and linear mindset behavior look at my life, judge it, question it, and wonder how on Earth is she doing it?
What is this secret magic she possesses that everything she touches turns to gold?
How does she launch things with no sales pages and receive income?
How do people just show up and randomly pay her without her even having the product or service already created?
How does she make sure she sells out of her physical products before she even produces them to pay for the manufacturing and creative cost?
How, How, How?
I quite literally pray a prayer for the logical masculine mind who tries to figure me out and just goes in circles analyzing me trying to understand my next move, how I got to where I am in this moment.

It’s a little gift called intuition. And intuition is a gift we all have access to, it doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, location, age, it’s a universal gift we’ve all been given, like a muscle that we can begin to practice using at any moment we desire.
Now the definition on Google is: intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning
My definition is: intuition is this full-body sensation, it’s a multi-sensory experience, it’s a way of receiving information and guidance that allows you to live a life of magic, miracles, impact, unexplainable income, and empowers you to remember you were made for the life you desire.
Through the practice of learning to slow down, listen to the voices inside of your head, listen to the nudges and pulls inside of your body guiding you towards your life path, this is what creates a luxury lifestyle. Because the work of your Soul is always abundant. The work of your Destiny is beyond whatever lifestyle you think you desire. Learning to surrender into the truth that you are here to help people and create a business, a lifestyle, a career from that — that is learning to follow your intuition, your inner guidance system.
You will never become sustainably rich following the path of money alone through trading, ecommerce, finance, engineer, etc. You may become sustainably rich through that if it your passion and your helping people along the way instead of being in it just for the money. However, this practice of receiving information, guidance, knowing that something greater than you is desiring to connect with you and guide you in this life that is in essence becoming a healer. Claiming your right to be here helping other people move forward with life through your inner guidance system. Because it is only when you begin to tune into yourself, really begin to listen to the guidance that you create everything you want, and in turn, you do it for everyone around you. Because when you begin healing and shifting your life, somehow magically everyone shifts around you.
And I want to support you through this process of leading your life through intuition, creating your life by design, impacting people, and receive income that you never knew was possible, in ways you never knew was possible, in amounts you never dreamed of could enter your bank accounts in moments.

That is why I have created My Luxury Healaer Inner Circle where I offer two calls with me a month:
One call is cosmic channeled meditation and sound healing to empower you to get out of the linear thinking mind, clear physical body issues, pain, and tensions
One call with a live Q&A with me to ask me all digital marketing questions, open about your energetic experiences on how to make sense of the, understand sales, lead generation, marketing, product creation, upselling, etc.
As well as receiving The Expanded Liberation Magazine which is my monthly magazine filled with amazing photography, poems, and practical learning steps for your ascension, growth, and evolution.
Then there is a VIP option where you receive 24/7 access to me to talk through your business, energetic updates, work through your traumas, plus a call with me once a month!
THIS is the most epic community I have ever created and I’m so excited for you to be part of it.

I love you,

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