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What Is Frequency and How It Relates to the Human Body

Mar 8, 2024
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What Is Frequency and How It Relates to the Human Body
by Joyce
Some of you have heard me talking a lot about frequencies lately. “Your frequency is too low”, or “You need to raise your frequencies”, I might say. But what exactly does this mean?
Understanding what frequencies are and how they affect our bodies is life-changing information. When offered a new diagnosis, consider refusing it and working on raising your frequency instead so that your body can do what it was created to do and heal itself!
A frequency is the number of times something vibrates in a second.
A frequency is measured in hertz. A vibration is measured in oscillations. So, if something oscillates 5 times in a second, then its frequency is 5 hertz. The human ear can hear frequencies from 20hz to 20,000 hertz. That’s a really fast-moving sound!!
You might wonder why it is important to raise your frequency. Does it really make a difference what your body’s frequency is?
The most direct and simple answer is this:
1 hertz = life and 0 hertz = death.
YES! Frequencies are that important. Frequencies are to the body what electricity is to light. In fact, 1 kilowatt (the unit of measurement for electricity) is equal to 5.4331E + 37 hertz.

Your next thought might be something like “what type of things have frequencies?” And the answer is: Everything that is living has frequencies! Everything that God made has frequencies! Everything that God made has the “breath of life” as I like to call it. Even rocks are made up of oxygen and carbon dioxide as well as other living minerals. Everything that God made is living and has to be vibrating at specific frequency in order to grow and thrive.
The Human Body is Made Up of Vibrations
Unknown to many is that our body is made up of vibrations. Not only do our brain and heart run on electrical activity, but so does the rest of our body.
Every part of our body down to the smallest cells vibrates at a specific frequency. In Allopathic medicine the body and the mind have 2 different states. Healthy (not diseased) and unhealthy (diseased).
Have you ever been to a doctor and told them that you felt something wasn’t right, only for them to say that your lab numbers were fine, you are fine, or that you are just plain crazy?
I prefer to look at the body in 4 states. We start out as 1.) Healthy. Over time as negative emotions, pollution, and toxins affect the body we become 2.) imbalanced. As we become more imbalanced, we start having 3.) symptoms. Eventually our body becomes so imbalanced that we become 4.) diseased.
A doctor cannot prove a disease until lab numbers reach a certain number, or pictures show specific abnormalities. And, insurance will not pay for treatment when we are in the imbalanced stage.
In alternative healing, we look at the body energetically rather than chemically.
We start treating in the imbalanced or symptomatic stage and can correct the energy so that we actually see a reversal in imbalances, symptoms, and disease. Have you ever known someone to go from needing reading glasses to not needing reading glasses without surgical intervention? I have!! Isn’t that exciting?
When the body is healthy it measures between 63-70 Hz. When the body reaches 58 Hz, this is when the body cannot maintain its balance against viruses. This is the level we are at in order to have symptoms of the common cold. Covid was an example of this. Did you ever wonder why some people in a household would get Covid while others would not? Frequencies!! And why did some people test positive, but not have symptoms? Frequencies!!

It is important to remember that not everyone who is below 38 Hz has a heart attack or a stroke. Specific conditions in the body must be met. Also consider why people that have heart attacks and strokes seem to “go downhill” health wise. This is due to the negative effects of the frequencies of stress, fear, and the inability to do the things that used to bring them joy and happiness.
Our frequencies are determined by many things.
I like this example: If our frequency should be at 64 Hz, and we eat processed food, let’s say potato chips, which have 0 Hz, that should mean our body frequency is at 32 Hz. However, we are not all walking around having heart attacks and cancer. There must be something other than food that affects our health. In fact, studies show that fresh herbs, dried herbs, and fresh fruit and vegetables only have 15-27 Hz. We can never eat our way to health! I bet that you have never heard that before.
How can I know what Frequency I am Resonating at Right Now?
This is a question that I am frequently asked – and it´s a good one. For me the fastest and most direct way to find someone´s frequency is through muscle testing, which can be done in person or at distance (remotely). This is a service that I offer to all clients who come in for Essential Oils Coaching (I´ll explain a little more about why I think essential oils are the best way to raise your vibrations below).
Frequency and the Healing Connection in the Bible
The Bible verse Matthew 4:4 states “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”
This got me thinking about the actual words God gave us to use in the Bible. I thought of the words love, joy, faith, hope, and peace. Then I remembered that every letter has a frequency and so then, every word has a frequency. The frequency of love is 528 hz.
The frequency of joy is 540 Hz. This makes sense when we think about the people in our lives that we love, but that do not necessarily bring us joy! We all have at least one of those people.
And in the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:13, it says “and now these three remain: faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love”.
Love actually is the highest vibrating word in this verse. Some of you may think that love is the highest vibrating emotion, but it is really peace. Peace resonates about 600 hertz.
The goal of mankind is to find Peace on Earth. When we have peace, we have everything. Again, we all have lots of love and joy in our lives, and people that bring us love and joy, but that does not mean we are at peace. Peace comes from within. Peace is rare. Very few people achieve peace in a lifetime.
I have gone through the above explanation so that you can understand the balance that we must maintain to be healthy. Healthy food helps to raise our frequency; processed foods lowers our frequency. Positive emotions like we just talked about raise our frequencies. Negative emotions lower our frequencies. Stress, toxins, allergens, chemicals, medication, radiation and chemotherapy all lower our frequencies. We have a lot of stress and a lot of toxins that affect our bodies every day.

So how do we raise our frequencies?
There are only a handful of things that will specifically raise your vibration. Personally, I consider essential oils vital to raising frequencies and to our health – essential oils will always raise your current frequency. Essential oils vibrate from between 52 hertz (basil) to 320 hertz (rose).
In my Essential Oils Coaching Practice I work with clients to help them understand their current wellness frequency, and discover which essential oils will work best with their individual constitution to raise their frequency.

Other ways of raising our frequencies are organic vitamins and minerals (nutritious food), colloidal silver, plant extract, crystals and gems of the earth and sound therapy, and grounding.
Bach Flowers, which are a homeopathic remedy made from native German flowers vibrate even higher than essential oils and are thought to affect your emotions.
Herbs come from plants that grow around the world. They are used in mostly cooking, and have a vast history in holistic healing. Herbs have been replaced by medicine as the pharmaceutical industry has taken over in the last 100 years. Nearly all of the plant is used when making different dried herbs and spices. The leaves, bark, berries, seeds, roots, flowers, and stems of a plant can all be put to use.

Sound therapy can be obtained from music, tuning forks, and sound bowls. They can also be obtained from technological devices like the Genius Biofeedback that I use. With this program, clinicians choose specific frequencies based on a client’s needs. They can then be listened to through an app on a smart phone or tablet

The Solfeggio Tones which vibrate from 174-963 hertz were the original musical scale- Do, re, mi fa, so, la, ti – minus one. The 7th note of the scale was not added until the 1500’s. A repeating pattern from the Book of Numbers in the Bible gives us the Solfeggio tones. Solfeggio tones can do everything from relieve pain to improve relationships to repair DNA. We know that music students are overall better students. Why is this? Consider the vibrating instruments that they play every day. They infuse their bodies with high frequencies with every note they play. We also know that the musical notes also vibrate at the same hertz as vitamins, minerals, and oxygen. By playing instruments, children are nutritionally supplementing their bodies! Grounding is the process of picking up electrons from the earth through our skin. Electrons are supplied through electrical storms (or by lightning striking the earth). The earth vibrates at 7.83 hertz. Going barefoot and lying on the Earth is one of the healthiest things that you can do for your body.

Understanding what frequencies are and how they affect our bodies is life-changing information. When offered a new diagnosis, consider refusing it and working on raising your frequency instead so that your body can do what it was created to do and heal itself!
Raise your frequencies for your health!

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