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What do you mean by watching inward (mindfulness)?
Nov 23, 2021

- What do you mean by watching inward?

So now, when one walks one should see one´s limbs moving, when one speaks one should hear one´s own voice, and when one nods one´s head one should know that one is nodding, and when one blinks one should notice that one is blinking.

There's a saying of Hang-Joo-Jwa-Wa and Uh-Mook-Dong-Jung(行住坐臥 語默動靜)


Hang-Joo-Jwa-Wa(行住坐臥) means when one walks, when one stands still, when one sits, when one lies down, Uh-Mook-Dong-Jung(語默動靜) means when one talks, when one is silent, when one moves or when one doesn't move, which one has to be awake noticing in every state like this.

-What is in a way that noticing, nevertheless I used to not doing it until now, but you are saying I have to live noticing it, so what in the world is there in noticing it?

That is the essence of oneself. We have lived in a material world until now. Matter is the phenomenal world. One needs to know the essence, not the phenomenal world. The essence is God, the spirit, the life of the heavens and earth, and God and so on. That's gonna be the Great Opening of what we've been living until now, and we have to become human beings who know the essence then live.

Because the material world is divided into yin and yang.

Matter is now divided into yin and yang, and essence is the unity of yin and yang.

So, what we call, is God, so to speak, God.

Now, in Christianity, it is now Holy Spirit, in my words, it is Holy Spirit´s space without borders when talking about space. Infinite space and infinisimal space. There is no end inside, there is no small things, thus, infinitsimal inside and no end outside with no boundaries. Therefore, it is now infinite and infinitsimal. In substances, there is nothing like that in substances.

- None.

That's Gyeon-Sung(Seeing into self-nature,見性) now.

After seeing it, one has to figure out the reason. What the Great Opening is the opening of spirit and the body.


If both are made, it's the Great Opening. This is how qualitatively different humans become, or humans and the world. The world would change only when I change, which is connected to the providence of the universe, so to speak.

-I'm also wondering, then, why do I keep losing my will to do Dorabom(watching-in) in my daily life? Even though I could do it while working at the same time, but what is the reason that my will keeps down and makes excuses that I don't have time to watch?

Ask me. The right time of connection hasn´t come yet.

- It wasn't desperate.

The right time of connection hasn´t come yet. When spring comes, forsythia and azaleas bloom, but spring has not come. Why is there no autumn leaves? It's because autumn hasn't come. That´s, what we call, the time of connection.

- That's the the time of connection.

- It's out of time, just.

When the time comes, for example, as the spring comes the flowers will bloom and the birds will sing, and it will have to be autumn to see the autumn leaves. It has to be winter to see snow. It is unfolding according to the connection of right time.

It's not the right time. I keep saying that, the time to watch is not right yet.

So now, when one decides to listen to a sound that one hasn´t heard one´s own voice, as I said this, one could hear it anyway at least once, and then, one would feel “oh, I´ll have to listen to this. I was the deaf about myself. I listened to the outside world but had no interest in myself at all, though. Oh, I must do this.” If this is the case, it will be resolute then, in its own way, the connection of the time has come.

And now, the concept of doing it has to be cleared up again. What effect does this have and why do we have to do this? Only if one has this, one can keep pushing it. I mean, even if one starts doing it for it doesn´t make any money, thus, one would be just withered and quit. Once the concept is cleared up, it is impossible not to do it.

Ah, this is the path to human enlightenment, and this is the path to spiritual enlightenment. We have been living, fighting over material possessions each other, struggling, and battling. Isn't this the history of our earth regardless of the times of the East and the West?


We can't go on like this.

This is why now the providence of the universe, as for the providence of the universe, why does it create the universe, make animals and plants, make the sun and moon rise, and raise humans like this? Plants and animals, they're all made for humans, aren't they?

- All right.

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