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December 16

What are Power Animals and the Helping and Compassionate Spirits?

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Many of you have heard of Power Animals or Helping Spirits, and more than likely also heard terms like Animal guide, Spirit Guide, and others of the like that have been thrown around for the past several years (and by several I mean decades if not more).

A power animal is a spiritual being that takes on the form of an animal meant to help guide you and work with you through this thing called life. It is not uncommon to have multiple power animals. These are your Spirit Council. Each one of these spirits will have a different skill set, one may be better at Soul Retrieval, while another is better at Extraction. This is no different than humans.

It is commonly known that Power Animals usually reside in the Lower World, and Humanoid Compassionate Spirits in the Upper World. Although if you are a practitioner, you may see that more and more animals can be found in the Upper World, vice versa with Compassionate Spirits. This is due to the thinning of the veils, but that is a topic for another time.

Compassionate Spirits do much of the same things. The difference is that they take on the form a humanoid being instead of an animal. Usually seen as Angelic, or Gods and Goddesses, Ascended masters also dwell here. It is not uncommon to be able to contact them as well.

When I was learning Shamanism (I still am though, it’s a lifelong commitment and learning process), the first ever journey we did was to find our power animals, (well actually we asked for a healing first, and then we got to meet them but that’s not the point here). This is because it is important to start working on that relationship with your Spirits before doing any other work. Why? Because it is not by the individual power of the Shaman or the practitioner that gives them the ability to heal or to work. It is the power of the spirits. They know more, they know what to do, and in what order. It is our duty as a practitioner to become a Hollow Bone for them to do the work through us.

What about meanings of Power Animals?

That is up for you to discover. I know in the past when I read those words, I would become increasingly frustrated (IT WAS EVERYWHERE). But it is true. Spirituality and Understanding is unique to everyone. What is true to one person, may not be true to another. For me, Snake means something completely different than my partners understanding. Same for Phoenix or even the God Horus. This is good and completely okay!

In many different cultures, at least in the states, that practice Animism (Like certain Native American Tribes), it is thought that an individual is born with a Power Animal companion that sticks with them throughout their life that will help guide then and will help protect them. A very similar belief exists within Catholicism with ones Guardian Angels. It is also thought that this sect of power animals represents you. It can represent some characteristics, abilities, or likes that you may have or even may not know about yet.

How do you know what is you PA form?

An easy way (but not always accurate) is the animal you’re most drawn to is usually your PA, but within Shamanism, we journey to find them. Usually right when you are starting your path, this is one of, if not THE FIRST, journey you ever perform.

My Power Animal is Snake. She came to me in my first Journey I ever did and has been with me ever since. It took me by surprise as I was not exactly fond snakes (until I met her), but her associations around the world and what she has told me, Snake is a perfect fit for me.

This technique is simple, easy and beautiful.

Items Needed:


-Phone or Computer

-Drum or Rattle (if you have one)


-Journal and Pen

-A set intention of meeting your Power Animal


  1. Look up a Shamanic Drumming recording on YouTube, I recommend Sandra Ingerman’s 20 minute long recording.

  2. Take your Drum or Rattle and select a tempo that resonates with you. Close your eyes and rattle, dance, smile, laugh, sing, tone, anything you want that makes you feel like a child again.

  3. Once you’re in that space, sit down, put in your head phones, put the bandana over your eyes (the pressure helps the transition process into a trance state), and imagine yourself in your favorite place in nature. Whether that is a tree, or the ocean, or even space or someplace made up. State your intention into the universe, see and feel yourself speaking it. Want it in every fiber and energy string in your body.

  4. Once you’re there, look around you for a hole in the ground, a cave, or even if your at the ocean wade into the water and swim downward. You will want to find a way to go down into the earth. Maybe an animal will take you like a dolphin. Or maybe you’ll burrow on your own into the Earth. But go and keep going until you come to an opening. It’ll be vast, huge, and beautiful.

  5. This is the Lower World. Here you will start walking around, but remember your path as you’ll need to retrace it to get back from the trance.

  6. When you come across an animal, ask (IMPORTANT) “Are you my Power Animal?” if no, move on, or if you get no response except a feeling of following them, it’s possible that they are only there to guide you to your PA. If you get a yes, ask “Are you the best for me?” If a yes, then thank them and ask any questions or just spend time with your PA.

  7. When you hear the call back (this is a brief pause, followed by 7 precise and intense drum beats 4 times in a row) followed by a quicker tempo, this is when it is time to “THANK YOUR POWER ANIMAL” and retrace your steps back into your body.

  8. When you return, take your Journal and Pen, and write down your experience, everything you remember. The color of the sky, the trees, or animals you saw, feeling, expressions, hearing, sight, sound, light, etc…

Congrats you have discovered your Power Animal!

I must now make the disclaimer that not everyone Sees their journeys. What is your strongest sense here in physical reality, with more than likely be your weakest sense in non-ordinary reality. This is extremely important to understand. Some people just have an innate sense of knowing when they journey, or they can be vivid seers, or even hear everything or taste in (being able to taste the right answers and knowledge, etc… but there’s quite a few of these types of practitioners. Nothing wrong with it) their journeys.

You can use this same technique to find a Helping Compassionate Spirit. Instead of going to the Lower World, Go Up. Climb a tree, or ask a bird to pick you up and take you up. Remember to let it happen. The trance takes over about 1-3 minutes into the journey, all you have to do is start it.

Here are some more terms of Power Animal and Compassionate Spirits (This may grow in the future so check back or even contact us if you’re curious about a term you don’t see here):

Spirit Guides- A spirit that functions as a guide to the person

Power Animal- A Spirit that embodies an animal that helps guide and works with their person

Helping Compassionate Spirit- A spirit that embodies a humanoid figure like an angel or deity, possibly even ET’s.

Tutelary Spirits- A spirit or deity that serves as a guardian, protector, or patron.

Gatekeeper- a specific Tutelary spirit that guards the toroidal field and the property at the boundaries that you set. These spirits stay with you and you rarely speak with them or work with them, they are like, guards to your own temple.

When you know your power animal, you can then start building a relationship with them. This is very important. Without an intimate and close working relationship with your spirits, the Practitioner would be doing the work in his own power, which is extremely dangerous and could lead to problematic health complications or karmic intrusions or even possession. This isn’t good, at all. WE always have to trust our spirits and the work they tell us to do and what to do, we are ONLY a Hollow Bone. Our opinion now does not matter. Now we can ask questions to be sure for the safety of the client or ourselves, but it is imperative that we build our relationship to the spirits and thus become more connected to spiritual planes and to Nature.

This is how a Shaman completes the work without being drained or put at risk for complications.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a practitioner or are just interested in more information, send us an email!

As Always,

May you go forth in love and light,



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