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Wyatt Larsen

Hello! My name is Wyatt, I'm a Shamanism Practitioner, Life Coach, Channel/ Medium. I combine these ancient and modern techniques to help my clients begin or continue their path of healing. I've been practicing the healing arts for nearly 15 years, and been an active shamanic practitioner for 3.
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About Wyatt Larsen

Hello! My name is Wyatt, I'm a Shamanism Practitioner, Life Coach, Channel/ Medium. I combine these ancient and modern techniques to help my clients begin or continue their path of healing. I've been practicing the healing arts for nearly 15 years, and been an active shamanic practitioner for 3.

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Wyatt Larsen
What is a Dismemberment and why is it good?

In Shamanism, dismemberment is a journey that one can ask for (sometimes it is even spontaneous), in which the body can be either partially or fully torn apart.

Though this is sometimes quite gruesome and terrifying (I know it was for me at least my first time), it is a natural and powerful healing journey in which the spirits tear you down until it is only your soul essence that is left.

These two different types of dismemberments are, in my opinion, used by the spirits for different functions.

A full dismemberment is exactly as it sounds. You are fully dismembered, nothing left except the soul essence. No arms, legs, brain or even heart. Once dismembered, you are completely and utterly just your soul and consciousness.

Once in this state of being, you are given the opportunity to reconnect with your soulful self. This is the one who knows everything you need to know. Everything about your past, present, and future lives. Your skills, and gifts, your spiritual advancements and knowledge. This is essentially your light. Your one true self.

In a partial dismemberment, again just like it sounds, you are only partially dismembered. The spirits may not see a need to strip you of the unnecessary, but only just the parts that may be causing issues, or to help learn a less. They may only take your eyes, or half your body, or a part that has arthritis. This proves useful for many reasons. Like healing or an energy extraction. Many people and shamans have experienced this.

I have experienced this recently myself where I was becoming angry quickly and for no reason. This lead to me releasing it in an unhealthy way towards loved ones and was becoming very toxic. So, I asked for a dismemberment and a ritual to do to help heal. The spirits obliged, and though I won’t go into specifics, I have been able to move on from that time.

The next step in a dismemberment journey is the rememberment. Yep! You won’t stay dismembered forever! You will be remembered by the spirits! But it’s not always in the way you expect.

Instead of eyes, they may put gems or crystals in their place. Instead of an arm, you might get a wing, or a head of stone (all these are ways the spirits have remembered me in various journeys). This serves a purpose and is a good idea to write it down so you can look up or journey on each meaning later.

There are two main types of rememberings. A full and a partial.

In a full remembering, they will bring back or replace your full body and you are a working being again. Or they will only remember part of you. The meanings behind either of these vary with the meaning of the items they remembered you by. Just know that very rarely will you be remembered as you were before. This is to help you move forward. To continue that forward motion of change.

In a partial remembering it’s the same as a partial dismemberment. Your spirits don’t think you need to be fully remembered. I have had several of these. And every time I ask myself why. When I journey on it, they always tell me I didn’t need what they didn’t put back.

This has helped me grow in ways I didn’t think I would. For those of you familiar with Bonsai, it feels as if I am a Bonsai tree that is being shaped and grown into a beautiful figure (Of course that’s my perception, you may have a different).

So why? Why does this exist? And why is it so gruesome?

Well, let’s answer the last of those questions first. Why is it so gruesome? Because it is natural. In nature if someone was to rip of your arm, you would bleed out. Or if you were pecked to the bone by crows, it’d be pretty gruesome there too. This is natural, and again it is pretty natural to feel fear about these too. Understand that it is part of the natural cycle and there is no malintent with these journeys.

Dismemberment exists to heal. It exists to facilitate subtle and dramatic changes. It exists to reconnect us to natural cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. The complexity of dismemberment is usually only understood by the one who is dismembered and shouldn’t be interpreted by anyone but. This journey is deeply personal and should only be shared if you want to share.

Dismemberments though unpleasant, provide a necessity to all shamans across the world as they live with a foot in each world. To have a dismemberment is to be rid of energies and intents that are not your own.

As always!

May you go forth in love and light,


Wyatt Larsen
What is a trance and how do I access the Otherworlds?

When I first started on this path, I was all in. Everything or nothing. And the first thing that I learned was ‘what is a trance and how do I access the otherworlds?’, as it is the only starting place to begin to practice Shamanism.

So what is a trance? And what is a journey?

Trance (Noun): a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium.

This definition is from the Oxford dictionary. Essentially the entering of a trance is willing oneself into a semi-conscious state. In this state, our brain activity drops from alpha, to beta, then finally into theta (similar brain activity as sleeping). It is while the body is in this state of being that we are able to let go of our physical body and roam the cosmos through the driving force of intention.

The entering of trance is used in many different cultures around the world. Not all of them use the same method though. The most common method is using the drum, rattle, or other percussion instrument. Many cultures use plant medicine, such as Ayahuasca in South America, the Amanita Muscaria mushroom in Siberia (Who also use drumming and dancing), dancing (fondly named trance dance), and marijuana in Ancient India, China, and Greece.

In core Shamanism, in which I actively practice, we use the drum to enter trance. The monotonous beating of the drum lulls the drummer and those around them into the trance state (though, when doing a healing, it is important that the client stay in their body). In this trance state the Shaman is able to contact their spirit guides, the higher self, even to create and destroy. It is a wild place, the otherworlds, but it is beautiful and ultimately benevolent.

Now what is a Journey? According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, a Journey is “something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another.”

Once we are in our trance state, how do we initiate the journey? Intention and a little bit of imagination. In our child-like soul, we have the exact formula to do this, we need only remember. Imagination is the ignition to start the journey. Intention is the steering wheel.

Many of us start off in a place in nature. Where we feel connected to the earth and to all of nature. It doesn’t have to be a place that exists in the physical world either, it can be of your complete creation. Then from there we find a cave or some other path down into the earth and follow that to get to the Lower World (Refer to the “What are the three worlds?” post for more info), or we climb or some other method upwards to get to the Upper World. From here is generally when the journey takes hold and it’s no longer your imagination.

Though sometimes it is not necessary to initiate the journey this way anymore, the veils between worlds is starting to thin (we will do a blog post about this at a later date).

The journey, for a lack of better words, is the experience. Many people have heard the saying “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. Well if you look at it shamanically, this quote is absolutely true about a lot of things, not just what we are talking about.

If you look closer at the process, it is made up of 4 parts that cohere together and create a vehicle in which we call a Shamanic Journey. These parts are:

- Trance- This is the body of the vehicle, the wheels, and engine.

- Intention- This is kinda like the steering wheel. Your intention directs the vehicle.

- Imagination- this is the ignition. This starts up the Journey and gets things moving.

- Journey- This is the Experience. The windows of the vehicle, if you will.

This etheric vehicle is what drives you through the otherworld and gives you the ability to access and exit the otherworlds.

As a quick side note too, the Otherworlds, is also known as the Dreamworlds in many cultures around the world. This is because, just like a dream, a journey will fade unless noted properly in a journal.

Okay, okay, so this wasn’t exactly a long post, but if you want more information on it and you wish to learn, I recommend “Shamanic Journeying: A Beginners Guide” By Sandra Ingerman. She includes a CD with Drumming recordings for you to practice at home. If you want to learn the more advanced techniques, I recommend find a Shamanism Practitioner that is teaching in your area and take classes.

As Always,

May you go in Love and Light,


Wyatt Larsen
Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval, Power Loss, and Spiritual Intrusion

Throughout the website, you may come across these terms and are wondering what they mean. They can often be confusing or sound malicious. Usually there is no malicious intent behind any of this, it just happens throughout our lives and can become rather burdening.

Let’s start with soul loss. Probably one of the more curious terms that I will speak of, Soul Loss relates to trauma. When the body (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical) go through a trauma, what can happen is called soul loss. A healthy essence of your soul leaves you to survive. This is completely natural and is referred to as dissociation in Psychology.

When we experience soul loss, we can often feel spacey, ungrounded, our behavior and attitude might change, cranky, grumpy, depressed, angry. It is possible that you may lose spiritual gifts, creativity, and memory of the incident. All of these are direct manifestations of soul loss, that being said you don’t have to experience these or anything at all to have a soul loss. And along with that as well, what I might find traumatic, might not be as or at all traumatic to someone else.

It is in this time in a person’s life, that they do not need to be criticized or be doing anything that could tear the spiritual wound more. It is up to the support group around that person to love and give love to that person. Love acts kind of like hydrogen peroxide when placed on a wound… okay more like, Neosporin. It clears away the bacteria, and protects the wound as it heals, usually speeding up the process as well.

When any practitioner performs a soul retrieval on a client, we are journeying to the incident and retrieving the essence that left (don’t worry, we don’t usually see anything or know what happened, unless you told us). When the essence is returned to you, it will bring back creative energy, and it’s spiritual gifts along with it. Most people experience an energy increase, more joy, and happiness after a soul retrieval. Others will feel more somber and may have to do some extra work in integrating the essence properly. But all people will feel more whole once integrated. Unlike soul loss, essence retrieval does not leave a wound (Spiritual or Physical). But it may unlock some memories that you may have selectively forgot, or it may be absolutely overwhelming to you. In such cases, it should be known that any of the ceremonies that we perform are easily reversed.

Much like an organ transplant, you can reject and undo any work that has been performed. Some cases, if you don’t work on integration the essence might leave again.

With that we can move onto Power loss. Though this doesn’t sound too much better, it is absolutely important to understand. Power loss is a term that refers to you losing or giving away your power. It is most commonly caused by Envy. When you envy another person for things you don’t have, or wishing you were more like that person because of X, Y, Z. Then you are giving your power away.

Though not by envy but by love, this can happen to parent and child. A parent could want their child to succeed so greatly that they give energy to heal, or give latch on, over protection, etc… Though the sentiment is nice, this is giving away your power. Your power is your own and it cannot be used by another. This often becomes heavy to that person, including yourself. There is an interesting side effect of this too. When you give your power away to someone, it latches on to that person (should they not take the proper precautions). This is called a spiritual intrusion.

Energy, thought forms, negative habits are all intrusions if they aren’t coming from you (though if they are coming from you, you should do a full system check and revamp yourself and change to that positive mindset). When you give your power away to someone, you literally burden someone else with energy they cannot use. This is why it is extremely important to practice mental and emotional control.

When we retrieve this power, we retrieve it in the form of a power animal. This animal will infuse and integrate the power back into your life when you are ready. This doesn’t mean that this is YOUR power animal (as you have to find that out for yourself), but it does mean you have your power restored to you.

One more thing that has occurred to me during writing this, is essence stealing. This is one is a touch more curious than the other terms I’ve stated.

Essence stealing isn’t always intentional. This is most common among lovers and parents and children. This can be similar to power loss, but on a greater scale. Instead of giving away or taking thought forms, you can give away or take parts of one soul essence. This is usually seen in toxic behaviors. People will give parts of themselves to those they love because they don’t know how to love without giving themselves to that person.

When a soul essence is stolen, most often than not, when it is time to retrieve that essence, they are found in “Boxes or cages” that hold these essences hostage but aren’t attended. This is easy as all you have to do is open the lid or door to free them. But what about if the soul essence is attended actively by a person who stole it? You can ask, most often times they will release it because they didn’t realize it was stolen or caged or they don’t want to deal with the practitioner, but if they say no, this is where we can channel our inner trickster. You must trick the attendant and snatch the essence back.

This is fondly dubbed as soul snatching.

What are the benefits of doing this work you ask?

Well, for starters, you’ll feel a lot better once integrated. Maybe not happier, but more whole. The more essences that are returned to you, the more whole you become. More grounding, clearer thinking, return of creativity, vibrancy, and vitality. This is due to the pure light energy that is a soul essence.

At The Wildwood Hollow we provide and offer these during our Shamanic Sessions. Just head over to our services page to find out more!

As always!

May you go forth in Love and Light!


Wyatt Larsen
What are Power Animals and the Helping and Compassionate Spirits?

Many of you have heard of Power Animals or Helping Spirits, and more than likely also heard terms like Animal guide, Spirit Guide, and others of the like that have been thrown around for the past several years (and by several I mean decades if not more).

A power animal is a spiritual being that takes on the form of an animal meant to help guide you and work with you through this thing called life. It is not uncommon to have multiple power animals. These are your Spirit Council. Each one of these spirits will have a different skill set, one may be better at Soul Retrieval, while another is better at Extraction. This is no different than humans.

It is commonly known that Power Animals usually reside in the Lower World, and Humanoid Compassionate Spirits in the Upper World. Although if you are a practitioner, you may see that more and more animals can be found in the Upper World, vice versa with Compassionate Spirits. This is due to the thinning of the veils, but that is a topic for another time.

Compassionate Spirits do much of the same things. The difference is that they take on the form a humanoid being instead of an animal. Usually seen as Angelic, or Gods and Goddesses, Ascended masters also dwell here. It is not uncommon to be able to contact them as well.

When I was learning Shamanism (I still am though, it’s a lifelong commitment and learning process), the first ever journey we did was to find our power animals, (well actually we asked for a healing first, and then we got to meet them but that’s not the point here). This is because it is important to start working on that relationship with your Spirits before doing any other work. Why? Because it is not by the individual power of the Shaman or the practitioner that gives them the ability to heal or to work. It is the power of the spirits. They know more, they know what to do, and in what order. It is our duty as a practitioner to become a Hollow Bone for them to do the work through us.

What about meanings of Power Animals?

That is up for you to discover. I know in the past when I read those words, I would become increasingly frustrated (IT WAS EVERYWHERE). But it is true. Spirituality and Understanding is unique to everyone. What is true to one person, may not be true to another. For me, Snake means something completely different than my partners understanding. Same for Phoenix or even the God Horus. This is good and completely okay!

In many different cultures, at least in the states, that practice Animism (Like certain Native American Tribes), it is thought that an individual is born with a Power Animal companion that sticks with them throughout their life that will help guide then and will help protect them. A very similar belief exists within Catholicism with ones Guardian Angels. It is also thought that this sect of power animals represents you. It can represent some characteristics, abilities, or likes that you may have or even may not know about yet.

How do you know what is you PA form?

An easy way (but not always accurate) is the animal you’re most drawn to is usually your PA, but within Shamanism, we journey to find them. Usually right when you are starting your path, this is one of, if not THE FIRST, journey you ever perform.

My Power Animal is Snake. She came to me in my first Journey I ever did and has been with me ever since. It took me by surprise as I was not exactly fond snakes (until I met her), but her associations around the world and what she has told me, Snake is a perfect fit for me.

This technique is simple, easy and beautiful.

Items Needed:


-Phone or Computer

-Drum or Rattle (if you have one)


-Journal and Pen

-A set intention of meeting your Power Animal


  1. Look up a Shamanic Drumming recording on YouTube, I recommend Sandra Ingerman’s 20 minute long recording.

  2. Take your Drum or Rattle and select a tempo that resonates with you. Close your eyes and rattle, dance, smile, laugh, sing, tone, anything you want that makes you feel like a child again.

  3. Once you’re in that space, sit down, put in your head phones, put the bandana over your eyes (the pressure helps the transition process into a trance state), and imagine yourself in your favorite place in nature. Whether that is a tree, or the ocean, or even space or someplace made up. State your intention into the universe, see and feel yourself speaking it. Want it in every fiber and energy string in your body.

  4. Once you’re there, look around you for a hole in the ground, a cave, or even if your at the ocean wade into the water and swim downward. You will want to find a way to go down into the earth. Maybe an animal will take you like a dolphin. Or maybe you’ll burrow on your own into the Earth. But go and keep going until you come to an opening. It’ll be vast, huge, and beautiful.

  5. This is the Lower World. Here you will start walking around, but remember your path as you’ll need to retrace it to get back from the trance.

  6. When you come across an animal, ask (IMPORTANT) “Are you my Power Animal?” if no, move on, or if you get no response except a feeling of following them, it’s possible that they are only there to guide you to your PA. If you get a yes, ask “Are you the best for me?” If a yes, then thank them and ask any questions or just spend time with your PA.

  7. When you hear the call back (this is a brief pause, followed by 7 precise and intense drum beats 4 times in a row) followed by a quicker tempo, this is when it is time to “THANK YOUR POWER ANIMAL” and retrace your steps back into your body.

  8. When you return, take your Journal and Pen, and write down your experience, everything you remember. The color of the sky, the trees, or animals you saw, feeling, expressions, hearing, sight, sound, light, etc…

Congrats you have discovered your Power Animal!

I must now make the disclaimer that not everyone Sees their journeys. What is your strongest sense here in physical reality, with more than likely be your weakest sense in non-ordinary reality. This is extremely important to understand. Some people just have an innate sense of knowing when they journey, or they can be vivid seers, or even hear everything or taste in (being able to taste the right answers and knowledge, etc… but there’s quite a few of these types of practitioners. Nothing wrong with it) their journeys.

You can use this same technique to find a Helping Compassionate Spirit. Instead of going to the Lower World, Go Up. Climb a tree, or ask a bird to pick you up and take you up. Remember to let it happen. The trance takes over about 1-3 minutes into the journey, all you have to do is start it.

Here are some more terms of Power Animal and Compassionate Spirits (This may grow in the future so check back or even contact us if you’re curious about a term you don’t see here):

Spirit Guides- A spirit that functions as a guide to the person

Power Animal- A Spirit that embodies an animal that helps guide and works with their person

Helping Compassionate Spirit- A spirit that embodies a humanoid figure like an angel or deity, possibly even ET’s.

Tutelary Spirits- A spirit or deity that serves as a guardian, protector, or patron.

Gatekeeper- a specific Tutelary spirit that guards the toroidal field and the property at the boundaries that you set. These spirits stay with you and you rarely speak with them or work with them, they are like, guards to your own temple.

When you know your power animal, you can then start building a relationship with them. This is very important. Without an intimate and close working relationship with your spirits, the Practitioner would be doing the work in his own power, which is extremely dangerous and could lead to problematic health complications or karmic intrusions or even possession. This isn’t good, at all. WE always have to trust our spirits and the work they tell us to do and what to do, we are ONLY a Hollow Bone. Our opinion now does not matter. Now we can ask questions to be sure for the safety of the client or ourselves, but it is imperative that we build our relationship to the spirits and thus become more connected to spiritual planes and to Nature.

This is how a Shaman completes the work without being drained or put at risk for complications.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a practitioner or are just interested in more information, send us an email!

As Always,

May you go forth in love and light,


Wyatt Larsen
What is Shamanism?

Let’s start with a brief overview. Shamanism is a form of direct revelation. Basically, instead of going to a tarot reader or someone else to tell you information, you are the conduit and do this on your own (Though, I myself, love visiting a card reader too, they can offer great validation to shamanism.)

The word “Shaman” has its roots from the word Šaman, meaning “One who knows” from the Manchu-Tungus tribe in Siberia.

Shamans and practitioners mainly uses a percussion to reach altered states of consciousness. This usually includes the monotonous beat of a drum, or a rattle. Depending on the region, they may also use other instruments to lead them into the hidden realms. In Australia they us a digeridoo and click sticks. Some use the voice like Norway, Lapland, and the Sami.

The shaman uses this monotonous tone deepen his state of consciousness to let the free soul travel into the hidden realms (the hidden realms in which I speak are often times called the Dreamtime, invisible realms, or the Other World. You’ll more likely hear non-ordinary reality here in the western world though) to bring back information and perform healings (this is called a shamanic journey).

Non-ordinary reality is seen as split into 3 specific areas: the lower world, the upper world, and the middle world. These realms have very distinctive features that we will get into in a later post. Within these hidden realities are where helping and compassionate spirits, who offer their guidance for the planet and all life on earth, reside. And it is these spirits that Practitioners interact with. The ones they work with are either Power Animals who take animal form, or Teachers that take human form. Many cultures see these human form spirits as gods and goddesses in which they honor with specific rituals and ceremonies.

The shaman will work with these spirits to pinpoint the areas of imbalance within the client and then will assist in the ceremonies coming ceremonies to restore the balance. And this would be a good time for me to segway into illness from a shamanic point of view.

What is illness physically? An illness can be various things, from an infected cut, or bronchitis. It can manifest mentally or even emotionally. Really, anything that makes us feel less than 100%.

While medical practitioners and psychotherapists look at these physical or mental and emotional aspects, Shamanism Practitioners look at the Spiritual aspects of illnesses. This means we as practitioners look at a spiritual or energetic imbalance in the system.

There are three causes of illness on the shamanic spectrum. Power loss, Soul loss, and spiritual intrusion or a possessing spirit (Disclaimer: many people think this is absolutely negative and liken it to a possessing demon, when in actuality, those are extremely rare. The most common case is the soul of another human who has not passed on yet.) It is usually a combination of these 3 things that cause illness, very rarely is it just one single reason.

When you go to a shamanism practitioner or make a spiritual pilgrimage to a tribe with a shaman, it is not the power of the shaman that does the work, it is a partnership between the Shaman and his/her helping spirits. These spirits are the ones who lead the shaman’s free soul to where it needs to go and helps bring the shaman back, and it is they who do the work. While the job of the shaman is to become a “Hollow Bone” (Put ego aside and work directly with the spirits), tell the client their healing story in a positive light, love and care for the earth and her people and the tribe, and to provide ceremonies and healing services, though one of the most important roles the shaman plays, is the helper, they will assist you in your healing journey should you need it.

Though it is not the power of the shaman who heals you, it is yourself. After the shaman or the practitioner performs the ceremonies and work with the spirits, they will provide some tools to help you begin walking your own healing journey.

Throughout the world the Shaman goes by many names (I urge you to look some up, they’re quite fun to pronounce and usually quite profound), and though their names and titles differ there is a beautiful unity to the practice of shamanism.

We call this Core Shamanism, which is what I practice. Core Shamanism takes what is the same around the world and puts it into the practice.

Well what is the same?

The drum and rattle are used to create a monotone percussion beat that helps lower from a beta state, to an alpha state, and finally to a theta state where shamans and practitioners can enter NOR with ease.

The three worlds. The Upper, Middle and Lower worlds are the same. They might differ in names and cultural appearances. But they are essentially the same. There are a few practices that believe there are more realms that you must travel to. But as many practitioners around the world are saying, the veils are thinning and we can access the worlds easier or the worlds are merging in some places, including ours (we will cover this in another blog post).

The teachings come in metaphors.

Outside of time and space

It causes you to slow down. When you slow down, things come slower to you, thus creating the illusion that we “have more time”.

Power Animals and Helping Teachers

Your experiences and expressions are your own and thus individual.

There’s much more that is the same and is quite astonishing. If you wish to know more or would like to conduct your own research, I am more than willing to provide some tips and pointers, websites, and books.

Through everything that is the same it is the individual practitioners that “add the meat to the bones”, each one adds their own style, technique and rituals. The spirits tell each practitioner to do something that will fill the shaman with the most light and inner peace and power that will help them grow into that “Hollow bone” that can provide each client with a beautiful and unique experience. It is because of this individuality that the deep work of shamanism is able to go deeper and more beautiful with each and every step.

As always!

May you go forth in Love and Light,


Wyatt Larsen
The Three Worlds

The three worlds found in core Shamanism are respectively: The Lower world, The Middle world, and the Upper world.

Though this seems intensely vague, we will be going deeper into each of these worlds, the teachings you find, the beings, and why these non-ordinary realities exist.

Before I go any deeper into this post, I would like to preface with this: If you have not read the “What is Shamanism?” Page on my website, or the “What is Shamanism: A deeper understanding” on my blog, please read that before going further, I promise things will make more sense.

The Lower World

In astronomically recent times (aka, the past 2000-2500 years), the Lower world has been misrepresented on a mass scale by different religious organizations across the globe. During the Christianization periods of history, the Church adopted certain beliefs to sway Pagans into joining. This included many of the 8 major feasts and sabbats, like Yule (which became Christmas), Ostara (which became Easter), and Imbolc (Which became Candlemass).

This also includes the changing of the Horned God to represent the ruler of the lower world, which took on the shortened version of the name Helheim (Norse mythology for the underworld), Hell. Through these changes and representations of duality, the Church had used this as a way to persuade pagans to join the movement.

I want you to realize that I am not demeaning the Christian Church or other religions, I myself find great wisdom in the Holy Books, I believe in many things and that includes these books. But from a historical stand point, this is my research.

Let’s get back to it though. The lower world often drums up imagery of fire and flames if you come from a predominately Christian background (Like myself, I once thought of this as well). But that is simply not true.

The Lower world is found “below” the middle world, and like most I find myself using the roots of a tree or a cave dwelling to reach it. Once reaching this realm, the LW is in fact very similar to ordinary reality. Trees, rocks, caves, animals, and insects. Everything down here though, are spiritual representations of our world.

You can talk to practically everything here. And everything you meet has a teaching or a lesson of some form. All you must do is ask.

So, what can you do here in the lower world? Pretty much anything, ride on the wings of an eagle, ride on the back of a bear or wolf, talk to an ant or even become one.

It is this realm that we find our Power Animals or what other people call Spirit Guides, animal guides, animal protectors, etc… But it is also here that you can call to and talk with the Ancestors.

The Middle World

Here, right here, is the middle world, but it does not exist within the physical realm of sight. It exists just beyond our eyes and in the realm of the spiritual.

The Middle world can be quite formidable and is only recommended to be traversed by those who have a great relationship with their guides and have some experience in the Lower and Upper Worlds.

The Middle world (in my perspective and understanding) is same but different. The objects that are in our world appear here, and in their spot, but are transparent and, again, to me look almost pale blue, and the rest of the world is “shadowy” as if… the moon has cast its silvery light everywhere. It’s not bright, but it is at the same time.

Here you will find not helping spirits or guides, but the spirits and souls of the lost and of those who have not yet crossed over (Another post will delve into this deeper). This is not somewhere where you will ask for help, but rather to find someone or to help a spirit cross the veil. As a Shamanism Practitioner works, it is in this realm that we help others, and spirits cross over. It is also in this realm that we work to heal the living.

While the UW and LW exist outside of our perception of time and space, the MW is the only place that time and space governs. The spirits here have an understanding for it, even after their passing.

So why does the middle world exist? Honestly, we don’t know WHY, we just know it does. It is there to hold space for those not ready to cross the veil. It is used by spiritual workers and light workers to help heal as well. The Middle world is almost like the spirit of reality itself, if you can think of reality as a personified being.

The Upper World

The upper world is seen as this heavenly place. Usually white, clouds, billowing beautiful structures, and helping compassionate guides and teachers that take on bipedal or human form are found here.

In my perception the UW is in the clouds, has beautiful glowing quartz crystal clusters, angelic light, the angels. Though some people have told me their perception includes galaxies and stars, and a beautiful planetarium feel.

In Norse mythology the Upper Worlds can be described as the home of the Gods, Asgard; the Greeks, Mount Olympus; Christianity, Heaven; Celtic, Gwynvyd. Throughout the world, the heavens is the place of God or godly spirits like angels and guardian Angels. It is the home of infinite knowledge and the place of the upper chakras and the way to Ascension. The Akashic records also resides here.

Why the upper world? The upper world provides a place for the Angelic realms to reside. It represents the path of truth and the path into ascension into the next dimension of living. Though in recent times, it is found that the veils between the three worlds are thinning and angels and animals can now be found in both the UW and LW, they still mainly reside in their respective homes.

So… Why?

Why what? I’m thinking you’re asking why the three worlds and not just one, or maybe even nine?

In reality, there is only one. Within Unity, and the belief that we are returning into unity, all the realms and ways of living is one. But to our human perception we cannot fully understand and comprehend life as being one, so the spirits have provided a way into which we no perceive the world, both physical and spiritual.

Like I had mentioned above, the veils between realms are thinning. This is just a way within the shamanism and spiritual communities to say that we as humanity are starting to return to unity and are growing into a consciousness that allows us to perceive this in its full understanding. This is beautiful but doesn’t exactly answer your question.

In short, the three realms provide a means to understanding the universe in its entirety. We may and can split these down further, but the basics are the three worlds. Our understanding of the universe will always grow and change, but it will always remain the same, infinite being that loves each of us.

As always,

May you go forth in love and light,


Wyatt Larsen
Transmutation and Transfiguration

You can find Transfiguration in the Bible, Alchemy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Tao, Dao, Zen, etc… And Transmutation is an Alchemical word, meaning “Turning base metals into Gold”.

When you look at this definition, you may not imagine a figurative example. It is true that Alchemy had two branches. The Physical side who wished to actually transmute lead into gold and create the philosophers stone; and the spiritual side who used alchemy as a way to transmute the lead of their soul into gold. Alchemy later became the spiritual process of transmuting heavy, base energies into the light, golden energies of ascended beings. A way to transfigure and transmute the soul and body into their true potential.

Now transmutation isn’t claimed by alchemy alone but is the easiest way to explain this process.

You may be asking what this has to do with yourself or with Shamanism.

Everything. Let me explain.

Transfiguration happens within the body; transmutation happen outside of the body.

Transfiguration is the process of accessing and allowing your inner light to shine beyond the physical body. In Matthew 17:2 (NIV) it states “There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as the light.” Jesus had dropped his physical form and allowed his spiritual inner light to show. One more verse; John 14:12 (NIV) “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, for I am going to the father.”

In this Verse Jesus states that anything he does; we can do also. Not only can we transfigure, but we can also transmute. In a well-known story, Jesus also turns water into wine. This is a form of transmutation. Changing one thing into another.

Many people, beyond just priests have been transmuting water for thousands of years. This becomes what is known as “Holy water”. Water retains the memory and structure of previous materials that have been once dissolved in it. But beyond that, water can retain the energetic memory of its past environment, both positive and negative. Dr. Vogel initially found scientific proof for this and this study was then continued by Dr. Emoto up until his death in 2014.

In her book Medicine for the Earth (Pg. 184-186), Sandra Ingerman leads us on a guided meditation that allows us to drop our physical form to experience being our soul essence and experience being with the light. This same meditation can be used to help guide you to transfiguring your body.

When impurities are present in the light, they have no choice but to transmute into light themselves. This is true for toxins, high pH level, disease (dis-ease), etc…

It is important to remember that we do not heal anyone, it is by being in our own light that gives people the confidence and permission to heal themselves. Divine intervention does happen though, and this takes place where the divine light manifests form and provides spontaneous healing. This happens usually at spiritual sites and on spiritual pilgrimages where the healing is prayed for. But it has been known that people have received healing without asking as well. This is still a form of transmutation. The divine light transmutes without a vessel, it is rarer, but does happen.

We should not forget the effect of transfiguration on our environment either. When more and more people begin to transfigure and heal, what happens to us, also happens to mother earth (and vice versa of course).

In Shamanism, I have spoken in previous posts, that we become a “Hollow Bone” to perform the healings. It is not us that performs the healing, but the spirits and divine that come to work through us. We as practitioners also embody the divine light through transfiguration, and we help hold this space either through chanting, singing, toning, or dancing (among other modalities). This activity helps us distract our ego and allow the spirit to do the work needed.

There are other ways to transfigure as well. And that is by being present and seeing light in everything. By seeing the divine in all of creation, you start to see the divine in others as well and yourself.

I would like to ask or challenge each of you to perform this basic ritual to achieve this.

Every morning, before you get ready for work. Allow your quiet mind to take over, think and meditate on the light. Take a few deep breaths and go deep into yourself and find your center, your inner light, and let it show through.

Through this basic connection, look at the world through this found light. Look at the trees, the birds, the skies, the ground.

When anger comes your way, take a deep breath and see the divine in that person, and respond through the lens of divine light. You will be amazed at your response, and if you keep it up, you will see dramatic changes in your attitude and outlook on life.

I would like to urge you to also go check out Sandra Ingerman’s book Medicine for the Earth. It goes into deeper detail and practice than what I could cover here in my blog.

As Always,

May you go forth in love and light,

Wyatt Larsen

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