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Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval, Power Loss, and Spiritual Intrusion

Dec 16, 2020
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Throughout the website, you may come across these terms and are wondering what they mean. They can often be confusing or sound malicious. Usually there is no malicious intent behind any of this, it just happens throughout our lives and can become rather burdening.

Let’s start with soul loss. Probably one of the more curious terms that I will speak of, Soul Loss relates to trauma. When the body (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical) go through a trauma, what can happen is called soul loss. A healthy essence of your soul leaves you to survive. This is completely natural and is referred to as dissociation in Psychology.

When we experience soul loss, we can often feel spacey, ungrounded, our behavior and attitude might change, cranky, grumpy, depressed, angry. It is possible that you may lose spiritual gifts, creativity, and memory of the incident. All of these are direct manifestations of soul loss, that being said you don’t have to experience these or anything at all to have a soul loss. And along with that as well, what I might find traumatic, might not be as or at all traumatic to someone else.

It is in this time in a person’s life, that they do not need to be criticized or be doing anything that could tear the spiritual wound more. It is up to the support group around that person to love and give love to that person. Love acts kind of like hydrogen peroxide when placed on a wound… okay more like, Neosporin. It clears away the bacteria, and protects the wound as it heals, usually speeding up the process as well.

When any practitioner performs a soul retrieval on a client, we are journeying to the incident and retrieving the essence that left (don’t worry, we don’t usually see anything or know what happened, unless you told us). When the essence is returned to you, it will bring back creative energy, and it’s spiritual gifts along with it. Most people experience an energy increase, more joy, and happiness after a soul retrieval. Others will feel more somber and may have to do some extra work in integrating the essence properly. But all people will feel more whole once integrated. Unlike soul loss, essence retrieval does not leave a wound (Spiritual or Physical). But it may unlock some memories that you may have selectively forgot, or it may be absolutely overwhelming to you. In such cases, it should be known that any of the ceremonies that we perform are easily reversed.

Much like an organ transplant, you can reject and undo any work that has been performed. Some cases, if you don’t work on integration the essence might leave again.

With that we can move onto Power loss. Though this doesn’t sound too much better, it is absolutely important to understand. Power loss is a term that refers to you losing or giving away your power. It is most commonly caused by Envy. When you envy another person for things you don’t have, or wishing you were more like that person because of X, Y, Z. Then you are giving your power away.

Though not by envy but by love, this can happen to parent and child. A parent could want their child to succeed so greatly that they give energy to heal, or give latch on, over protection, etc… Though the sentiment is nice, this is giving away your power. Your power is your own and it cannot be used by another. This often becomes heavy to that person, including yourself. There is an interesting side effect of this too. When you give your power away to someone, it latches on to that person (should they not take the proper precautions). This is called a spiritual intrusion.

Energy, thought forms, negative habits are all intrusions if they aren’t coming from you (though if they are coming from you, you should do a full system check and revamp yourself and change to that positive mindset). When you give your power away to someone, you literally burden someone else with energy they cannot use. This is why it is extremely important to practice mental and emotional control.

When we retrieve this power, we retrieve it in the form of a power animal. This animal will infuse and integrate the power back into your life when you are ready. This doesn’t mean that this is YOUR power animal (as you have to find that out for yourself), but it does mean you have your power restored to you.

One more thing that has occurred to me during writing this, is essence stealing. This is one is a touch more curious than the other terms I’ve stated.

Essence stealing isn’t always intentional. This is most common among lovers and parents and children. This can be similar to power loss, but on a greater scale. Instead of giving away or taking thought forms, you can give away or take parts of one soul essence. This is usually seen in toxic behaviors. People will give parts of themselves to those they love because they don’t know how to love without giving themselves to that person.

When a soul essence is stolen, most often than not, when it is time to retrieve that essence, they are found in “Boxes or cages” that hold these essences hostage but aren’t attended. This is easy as all you have to do is open the lid or door to free them. But what about if the soul essence is attended actively by a person who stole it? You can ask, most often times they will release it because they didn’t realize it was stolen or caged or they don’t want to deal with the practitioner, but if they say no, this is where we can channel our inner trickster. You must trick the attendant and snatch the essence back.

This is fondly dubbed as soul snatching.

What are the benefits of doing this work you ask?

Well, for starters, you’ll feel a lot better once integrated. Maybe not happier, but more whole. The more essences that are returned to you, the more whole you become. More grounding, clearer thinking, return of creativity, vibrancy, and vitality. This is due to the pure light energy that is a soul essence.

At The Wildwood Hollow we provide and offer these during our Shamanic Sessions. Just head over to our services page to find out more!

As always!

May you go forth in Love and Light!


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