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Unlocking Capability

Jan 5, 2022
Core Spirit member since Sep 9, 2021
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How many times have we wanted to do something but we didn't try; we were too afraid we'd fail?
We might think that fear is powerful, yet the power of our belief is that which is mighty.
Where we invest belief is what shapes the outcome that we reap.

How might we know the range of our capability unless we make an attempt? Is perfectionism serving us well
or has it become an obstacle to testing our skills, trying new activities, or experiencing new outcomes?
Would we be as intolerant and critical of our best friend's performance as we are when we listen to the inner criticism
within our heads? How might we offer ourselves courtesy and support as we navigate life challenges?

The one thing we can adjust when faced with a challenge is our perspective. If we are practicing the acceptance
of What Is and are consciously staying Present, then we will not resist what arises in the Present moment.
We will ask, deep inside, how might I reframe this obstacle as a challenge of discovery aimed towards my greatest good?

This approach will end any past habits of blaming and complaining. The thinking mind is re-focused to engage with What Is,
to be open to creative solutions. The realm of infinite possibility cannot be fathomed by the thinking mind. That's why the
doubts and negativity flood our attention, the challenge has no successful past precedent. Yet, we are in the Present,
the place of pure Potential.

As we befriend fear and allow the doubts to pass, the remaining Spaciousness of Potential within our very Being is waiting
to be tapped for the pure discovery of our inherent capability. We are ready, open and willing to discover the gift of the
power of creation. An open mind is a courageous, capable, cooperative, creative mind. We might discover new talents;
improve our native skill-sets; gain new information to increase our learning which widens our knowledge base; we might
experience new outcomes and find new avenues for service or contribution.

Our past efforts may have come from fear, survival, lack, shame but they hold no bearing on our Present unless we
continue to rekindle our belief in them. Each intake of fresh new breath is our new beginning.

This week, we can allow ourselves the gift of expansion by granting permission to rediscover capability. We can transform
fear by asking: is it true? Can I really not do "such and such"? "How do I know, have I tried?" "Am I listening to the past
or am I embracing the Present?" "If I were to believe that I will learn something beneficial no matter the outcome,
how might I proceed?" Willingness allows the benefit of creative effort to manifest. When we learn something new
or increase in skill, we become Unconditional Love’s outlet to flow through us, to serve and contribute to our world.

Awakening is creative, Consciousness is becoming Conscious of Itself. Capability is an intrinsic part of the discovery;
beliefs are waiting to be unlocked. Will we open to receive and pay forward the benefits of our direct experience
of expanding capabilities?

With You as Awakening Unfolds

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