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The Truth About Wearing a Bra and What It Does To Your Health

Jul 21, 2017
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What is the first thing you do when getting home after work? Most likely, you are taking your bra off. This is because you have spent a number of hours feeling uncomfortable or constrained, especially if you are wearing one of those push-up bras.

Millions of women deal with similar problems on a daily basis, which leads to one single question: are we better off without it altogether? In this article, we will try to answer this question, as well as dispel some of the bra myths you probably believed your entire life.

1. My breasts will become saggy if I don’t wear a bra

This is probably one of the most common bra myths. The truth is, not wearing a bra does not lead to breast sagginess. On the contrary, the breast tissue, upon no longer being constrained, will regain its natural form. However, if you are worried about breast sagginess, there are plenty of exercises you can try. This will have a positive effect on the chest muscles and breast tissue at the same time, allowing you to look better than ever.

2. Breast cancer risk is increased by the underwire bra

At its time of appearance, the underwire bra was considered a miracle invention, due to its ability to provide enhanced support. However, as the number of breast cancer cases increased, a wrongful association was made between wearing the underwire bra and the appearance of such conditions. In reality, the underwire bra does not lead to symptoms of breast cancer; there is no scientific foundation behind this fact.

However, if you are worried about your breast tissue suffering from the potentially uncomfortable underwire bra, there are plenty of alternatives available. You can try a bra that does not have such a structure or, even better, stops from wearing bras altogether.

For a long time, the idea that sleeping with your bra on leads to perkier breasts was promoted in various circles. This is only a myth and, more importantly, it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences (as you can probably attest). Once again, if you want to get perkier breasts, you do not have to sleep with your bra on. Instead, you can try out chest exercises, destined to strengthen the muscles in the area and help you improve your overall posture.

4. Stretch marks are caused by not wearing a bra

When you notice stretch marks on the breast, it is only natural to ask yourself from where they appeared. Stretch marks are not caused by you not wearing a bra, but by changes in your body’s composition overtime. Even women who wear bras everyday can notice stretch marks appearing overtime. However, there are natural ways to help reduce the look of stretch marks if you’re worried about it.

5. Fixed sizing

If you go out shopping for a bra and you expect to find a fixed size, regardless of the chosen brand, you are in the wrong. It is important to understand that the size of a bra dependents, first and foremost, on the brand that you prefer. If you decide, all of a sudden, to go for another brand, expect the bra size to differ (sometimes considerably). As bras do not have fixed sizes, it is for the best to always try them on, before any purchase and prevent spending an uncomfortable day in a tight bra.

6. You can wash your bras in the machine

In theory, yes, you can wash your bras in the machine. However, bras are often made from delicate fabrics, which can become easily damaged in the machine, even if you use the gentlest cycle. Moreover, they have all these hooks, which can suffer from damage as well. Solution? Wash your bras by hand, as this will ensure a longer life ( = money saved!).

7. You can wear the same bra for several days in a row

Contrary to the old stereotypes, women don’t just “glow”, they sweat! To minimize the spread of bacteria that love the warm and moist environment of sweaty fabrics, handwash your bras regularly and always wash sports bras immediately after each use. Not only is this a hygiene issue, but, at the same time, given the fabrics from which bras are made, wearing a bra days in a row can lead to irreparable bra damage. Most bras contain elastic fibers, and if they are worn for several days in a row, the fibers become damaged, and the bra will no longer provide the necessary support.

These are some of the most common myths related to wearing a bra. In the end, we can all come to a conclusion that, in certain situations, it is for the best to go without a bra. However, there are situations, such as physical exercise, when a bra can offer more benefits in return. Always weigh the balance between advantages and disadvantages first.

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