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Transforming Limiting Beliefs
Mar 1, 2021

Core Spirit member since Jan 3, 2021
Reading time 5 min.

Throughout our life we accumulate beliefs about ourselves. Some are uplifting and inspiring. And others simply don’t serve us. They only bring us pain and we’d rather get rid of them. We encounter situations where those beliefs are brought to the surface and if we don’t look for their origin and confront them, they will cause us great pain. Nevertheless in many cases these beliefs are very sticky and remain as a core part of our identity

Why and when do we form those beliefs? It’s likely that these beliefs stem from negative experiences in our life. Because we were not properly equipped to handle and deal with situations and circumstances when they occured, we developed a fear/a protective shield around these experiences and the impact they had on our personality. From that point onwards we internalized that we would rather take on the protective shield of a limiting belief and be for example a shy person.

But as we go on, we realize that this shyness is causing us great trouble and there is a part of us that would like to challenge those assumptions. After all, the limiting beliefs aren’t based on fact. They are simply distorted perceptions that can be altered.

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