This Organic Beauty Product will be more popular than coconut oil
Feb 2, 2021

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Recently the whole world has been mad about coconut oil. Indeed, coconut oil is a natural beauty product that is used everywhere – from strengthening hair to whitening teeth.

In all this madness with coconut oil, another organic ingredient got forgotten even though it is present in numerous beauty products: jojoba oil. This oil is so unique because it has a different structure than any other existing oil. Jojoba oil is the most versatile one as it carries huge benefits for any skin type and any age. Jojoba oil can be used for hair, as a moisturizer, makeup remover, product for cuticle and nails, lip balm and basically anything else you need for your self-care routine.

A lot of people do not use oils because they make their skin greasy and then lead to breakouts. Jojoba, on the other hand, has a different cellular structure so it’s absolutely biocompatible with your skin. It gets absorbed fast and easily. Here are some of the main benefits of jojoba oil.

1. Healing Properties

Jojoba oil is taken from seeds of a woody shrub which grows in hot climates like Arizona and Mexico. For many years, indigenous people have been using seeds of jojoba plant for their healing properties. Jojoba is antibacterial so it speeds up the healing of wounds and is suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Jojoba Cellular Structure Mimics Your Skin

Despite being so popular, most facial oils can be harmful for acne-prone skin. Oils taken from plant and nuts like coconut oil, argan oil and almond oil are all triglycerides and thus can be a bit hard on the skin. Technically, jojoba oil is not even an oil but a crystalline wax that becomes liquid at room temperature. It gets absorbed by the skin easily because its molecular structure mimics the building blocks of the skin. This is why jojoba oil is great for any type of skin. It also regulates and balances your natural oil production. For example, if you have a dry skin, jojoba oil will heal it by stimulating the needed oil production and if not, it will control the overproduction by sending signals to the body.

3. Multiple Purposes of One Product

Jojoba oil not only moisturizes your skin but also reduces wrinkles. When we age, the interlocking cellular matrix of our skin collapses and wrinkles appear. Jojoba oil strengthens this matrix and prevents deep wrinkles from appearing on your skin. According to a number studies done on jojoba oil, it inhibits the effects of UV exposure on collagen in our skin that is responsible for anti-aging.

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E, zinc, iodine and many other antioxidants. The oil draws water into the skin and gets absorbed by the deepest skin levels keeping the skin’s moisture and protecting from unwanted environmental factors.

You can use jojoba oil to remove makeup and wash your face as it perfectly cleans the pores and protects acne-prone skin. Another way to use it is for cleaning hair from the residue that gets build-up in it.

4. Environmental Purposes

In 1970s people finally realised that killing whales for oil was irresponsible and dangerous for the population of whales and then the popularity of jojoba oil kicked off. Whale oil was previously widely used in cosmetics and environmental activists started protesting against this cruelty. The whole industry turned to jojoba oil then because it was the only oil with similar molecular structure. Environmental victory happened when instead of slaughtering whales for oil people started setting up sustainable jojoba farms in the desert.

5. Very Low-Maintenance

Jojoba oil is very simple to source compared to other organic products. The shrub itself thrives in the desert and has very light ecological impact. It has a very long life span and can resist droughts and pests. To produce the oil, only seeds are harvested so there is no need to replant it every time. Great for skin and hair, and low-impact environmentally? That’s definitely worthy of some bathroom shelf space.

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Herbal therapy
$10 USD
The calendula/marigold. One of my favourite herbs to prescribe inside and out.

My name is Leonie Quigley and my business is called Herbal Naturiel. I am a practising herbalist, nutritionist, community worker and doula but am also qualified in nursing, aged care and social work.

The clinic is a small but comfortable room at the front of my home which is situated in Kingsley, Western Australia and has separate access from the house. My husband has helped me immensley in setting up beautiful comfortable consulting and waiting rooms plus a herb garden out the front.

Services are holistic and centre around treating the whole person. I am skilled in assessment and in the prescribing of herbs, supplements and diet and lifestyle recommendations. It is really helpful if people bring me a list or their medications including supplements, any pathology they have had done and any doctor or specialist reports they may have relating to the problems they are seeing me for. I am skilled in reading and analysing most reports and can help you sort out complicated medication regimes. My job is not to work in opposition to the medical profession, rather to complement the work they do by improving your holistic wellbeing.

Nutrition is a large part of my work. I do not recommend specific diets, fasting etc, rather work on an ideal nutrition plan to suit the individual person in order to help them reach optimum health.

Leonie Jill Quigley
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coaching session
60 Minute Cannabis Wellness Coaching Session

Choosing the right kind of strain, dosage, potency, or even figuring out what terpenes will be beneficial for you can be very overwhelming.

I am here to help you use this magical plant to compliment your health & lifestyle.

Looking forward to connecting with you!


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15 Minute Cannabis Wellness Coaching Session

This introductory 15 minute mini session will be dedicated to answering your questions about incorporating cannabis in your wellness routine.

Already a cannabis consumer? No problem! I'll gladly help with any questions and provide direction and clarity you may need.

Let's connect!

Green Annalist

Anna Rivera
Herbal therapy
$50 USD
healing session
Ionic Detox Foot bath

Gently remove toxins from the body in a relaxing and rejuvenating way by placing your feet in a water foot . Living in society we absorb environmental impurities that disrupt the way our body functions. This process can help your body work to remove those toxins.


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