This Is Not Supposed to Happen!
Apr 29, 2023

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For a 69-year-old man, I am in reasonably good shape. I regularly do 30 to 40-mile bike rides 3 to 4 days a week. Add to that some rigorous hiking in the foothills of Tucson. I had been noticing that over the course of the last 2 to 3 months, my endurance began to diminish. It is customary for my girlfriend and me to ride to breakfast on most Sundays. Last Sunday, she offered to buy me breakfast. A free breakfast is an incentive for me to agree to almost anything. It is a 10-mile ride to the restaurant and a 10-mile ride home. The ride to the restaurant was a bit of a challenge. I could not make the ride home. I was exhausted. My energy reserves were depleted. I was concerned and a bit worried. It was unlike me not to easily ride that distance. Coincidentally, I had an appointment with my PCP the following Tuesday for my yearly physical. I received a call from my PCP office Wednesday afternoon saying that I needed to go to the ER immediately because of a severe case of anemia. I was informed that my hemoglobin was 6.7. The normal range for a man my age is 14 to 17.2 grams per deciliter (g/dL). It was no wonder I was so exhausted. Seven hours and two units of blood later, I felt pretty good. I am scheduled for several medical procedures to figure out the cause of the anemia.

This is not what I was expecting at this point in my life. Like WTF. I take care of myself. I meditate and pray. I eat well. I have a great relationship with my family. I have an amazing community of friends. I am a good person. I honor my agreements. I always try to live with integrity. I did not deserve this.

When I was informed that I was severely anemic, my immediate reaction was self-pity. I was worried and concerned for my well-being. I felt betrayed by my life and concerned that everything I based my life on was based on pretense.

After my panic subsided and I regained a sense of well-being, I could feel that in today's fast-paced world, it's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed by the constant changes happening around me. But amidst the chaos, I need to remember that my life is not just happening to me; I have the power to shape my life and make it meaningful.

At the heart of this pursuit for meaning lies awareness. Being truly aware means taking the time and effort to fully sense the world around me rather than being distracted by the endless stream of activities and technology that can consume our attention.

Each of us has our own unique path to discovering the meaning of our lives. We can't rely on others to tell us what's meaningful or expect the truth of our being to reveal itself without effort on our part. We must actively seek out and connect with our true nature or core essence, which lies beyond our thoughts and emotions.

As I become more aware of myself and my connection to others and the world around me, I start to see patterns and insights that help me string together the bigger picture of my life. With this newfound awareness comes the ability to find deeper meaning and purpose in everything I do, leading to a more joyful and authentic existence.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of life, I remain open to Grace and the gift of my life.

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Powerful! Find your recipe for happiness! Love the skin you're in. We will go deep right away to discover your inner passion, chart a course that aligns with your highest heart power.

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Adults who are ready to be happy and enjoy their lives. Adults who are depressed, feeling hopeless or lost.


You will feel energized and empowered to make the changes you want in your life.


I will use my intuitive skills as we talk and hone in on your desires. I will place high frequency sigils in your energy field to expand your future and encourage your inner power to come forth.

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Dr. Michele S. Zirkle
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When you aren't sure which way to turn or who to turn to for help in making decisions, I will help you come home to yourself and forge a plan to manifest your desires.
Whether it's everyday details that have you confused or it's major decisions you need to make, I will teach you how to make the decisions that are best for you.

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What is Parent Coaching?

"Parent Coaching is an invitation to consider new information regarding present, everyday challenges; not requiring healing, but fresh approaches. Coaches use techniques such as questioning, stories, metaphors and affirmations to help clients participate deeply in their own change process." ~ Gloria DeGaetano

What is not Parent Coaching?

Coaching is often mistaken for therapy or other types of mental health treatments. During the coaching process it is almost a certainty that I am going to touch upon areas related to emotional and mental well-being, but I am not providing therapy.
I am not a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional. My services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.

Are you licensed and insured?

Coaches do not yet require licensure to practice their profession however, I have completed Parent Coaching Certification Training at Parent Coaching Institute. I also carry a policy for private practice professional liability through Forrest T. Jones & Company.

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