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There Is Half Glass Of Water

Jul 21, 2023

I am not going to convince you again to see the glass is half full instead of seeing it half empty.

Believe it or not, however your first response and emotion to it, you've spent years and years since childhood to perfect this craft.

Yes, the craft to see either it's half full or half empty and the emotions attached to the interpretation.

There is no use to convince or persuade you otherwise because this craft of yours belongs to a grander mechanism to protect you from feeling hurt, sad, disconnected, unloved and so on. In other words, it's what you employ to make yourself feel strong and safe.

Over a half glass of water? You tilted one side of your eyebrows.

Our way of perceive the reality is an intricate, complicated network which build around the core of how we believe what make us safe, connected, loved and most fundamentally, survive.
So, no, I am not here to convince but to invite.

I am here to invite you to see the nature of things as it.

There is a glass and there is water.

It's neither full nor empty.

Whatever amount of the water, if you are thirsty, you can take the glass and drink up to ease the thirst. (Maybe you would still feel like more because you are extremely thirsty but let's leave this for another day.)

If you are not thirsty or have no use of water at the moment, the glass and the water have nothing to do with you even when the water is overflowing the glass.

Call yourself an optimistic or a pessimistic. Honestly, it doesn't matter.

Yes, you are an optimistic; you immediately see the glass half full and feel good about it. Yet, if you have no use of water, does it matter? (Of course, it matters because you have a good mood thanks to your point of view.) Why do you spend time and energy judging a glass of water?

What matters is whether we are willing to observe things as they are without forcing an optimistic or a pessimistic view on it but choose to see the possibilities in them, to open to how they can serve us at the moment.

Almost all the time, we can't rewire or alter our system of viewing the world at a snap of fingers but we can take a pause.

Yes, usually the judgement and the feeling surface and claim to be seen and heard in a split of second before we can consciously take a pause. It's ok. Be with them and then take a pause.

Most likely, we won't always feel great in the mood but we can always find possibilities in any kinds of the mood states as long as we are willing to take a step back to see things as they are.

If you are willing to do so, soon you will find a new space of calm, happiness, love and connection in your heart even when you feel low, sad, stressed, unsatisfied.

There is a glass and there is water in it.

Be love and be loved.

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Afsheen Shah10mo ago

I love this reframe.