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The use of Red in colour Therapy
May 3, 2021

The colour of blood and life force energy, also the colour of the basal chakra.
It is the colour of basal love and love is a great healer. It gives strength and the release of adrenaline, activating the nerves and blood. A love of red shows you are motivated, brave and have a will to succeed. It also shows movement and a desire for travel and change.
Red dominates the muscular system, adrenals, blood and kidneys and is very much the life force, so using red on some muscular aches and pains brings relief as well as helping to clear the body of impurities by moving things around.
Red should not be used on people who suffer from high blood pressure, or any blood or heart problems as this can make the problem worse.
Red helps you overcome negative thoughts through perseverance and determination, but shows a tendency to act without thinking things through. Too much red can make you angry and impatient.
If you need red in your life then eat red food, e.g. tomatoes, red apples, cherries, red beans, strawberries, raspberries, beetroot, red meat, red velvet cake etc. A good spaghetti Bolognese or a Beef Chilli are excellent red foods. Plus red foods are also commonly known as passion foods, so if that’s what you need feed them to your partner too.
Wear red clothes, if you work in the art world, wearing a red jacket or tie for an interview or meeting will get you noticed as a motivated successful person. For some of us red is too much for our colouring so just wear it in small quantities, e.g. hair dye, scarf, gloves, hat, accessories etc. for a great confidence boost.
Surround yourself with red, try putting a red scarf over a lamp and see how your mood changes. Try painting a main wall red in your house, use red bedding or plant red flowers in the garden, cover yourself in a red blanket when you get cold for an instant warm up.
However you use it have fun. X

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Emma Gardner3y

Thank you so much for this article! All my life I thought that red is associated only with active actions and causes aggression. I have never heard of its healing properties. I am now actively studying the topic of the influence of various colors, and the color red interested me very much. I have always tried to beware of red in clothes, but according to your description, I should start adding smoothly to my life. But where can I find the line between too little and too much? Does this greatly affect my psychological state or the perception of me by people, if I accidentally go too far with this color?