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The Use of Orange in Colour Therapy

May 13, 2021
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Orange stimulates the sexual organs and has a strong beneficial effect on the digestive system. It also strengthens the immune system including the spleen, lungs and pancreas and has a relaxing action on the body fluids.
Orange is a joyous colour as it frees and relaxes emotions and alleviates feelings of self pity and unwillingness to forgive. It stimulates the mind, renewing an interest in life. It is a wonderful anti-depressant and lifts the spirits. Apricot/Peach is good for nervous exhaustion.
Orange has both the physical stimulation of red and the mental stimulation of yellow. It is a joyful colour and a favourite of people who live close to the Earth. People who like this colour are usually at ease with their bodies and this is why many dancers are attracted to it. The earthiness of orange also makes it a very creative colour.
Eating orange foods are an excellent way of getting this colour into the body, try eating oranges, kumquats, carrots, baked beans, pumpkin, cantaloupe melon, mangoes and sweet potatoes etc,
Try wearing orange, in any of its many shades and see how it lifts your mood, or place an orange scarf over a lamp to benefit from an instant uplift.
Many people do not like orange in their environment although it may be just the colour they need, Versions of orange that are more acceptable to live with include rust, terra-cotta, amber, peach and apricot all of which reflect the positive and lively qualities of this colour. As a therapist I wouldn’t recommend using orange in the bedroom as it can keep you awake at night.
Orange is a wonderful colour and very helpful at this moment in time to help uplift our emotional well being, so use it profusely right now. Plant orange flowers, eat orange foods and wear shades of orange in the sunshine to get the full benefits. You only need 20 minutes to get a full uplift.
On the other hand be aware of over stimulation in your surroundings, e.g. Fast Food restaurants use Orange and Red to over stimulate you so you eat faster and move on quicker. So if you like long lingering dinner parties in your home don’t use too much orange in there.
Have fun. X

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A very interesting color, especially the fruit of this shade. I first learned about apricot and peach. My wife and I love experimenting with foods that can improve our condition. It is worth experiencing the fact with peaches for yourself!

Taysha Duckworth3y ago

Oh wow, the part about marketers using orange at fast food chains is insane! I haven't really noticed that before but I will start paying attention now. Thanks for sharing!