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The Use of Indigo in Colour Therapy

Jun 10, 2021

Indigo is associated with psychic protection and is the colour of the third eye chakra. Indigo takes care of the pituitary gland, ears, nose and eyes as well as the skeletal system.
Indigo along with violet and purple has a deep affect on the psyche and has been used in psychiatric care to calm and pacify patients suffering from a number of mental and nervous disorders.

These colours balance the mind and also help transform obsessions and fears. Indigo is a powerful, psychic colour associated with the right side of the brain and stimulates intuition and imagination. It is also a strong sedative. Indigo as well as violet are colours of transformation at a very deep level, bringing peace and combating shock or fear. They have a cleansing effect in emotional disturbances. They are also connected with artistic and musical impulses, mystery and sensitivy to beauty and high ideals, stimulating creativity, inspiration, sensitivity and spirituality and compassion. Indigo is associated with psychic protection and is the colour of the third eye chakra. There are also a group of people on earth who are known as the Indigo Children as it is thought they are highly advanced spiritual people.

Wearing Indigo is good for you if you want peace and love without anxiety, and authority without demand, but avoid if you do not like silence or have feelings of invasion of personal privacy. Do not wear if you are feeling oversensitive and need to be socially accepted or you are feeling imposed upon by rules and regulations.
Throughout my colour therapy work I have found that Indigo is very good at helping to ease headaches. Just by placing this colour in any form to the area of pain will help. It is also very good at calming down people who get over anxious by giving them something of this colour or showing them a picture with this colour in it. The best place to soak up this wonderful colour is by looking at the night sky, this is an instant calm for everyone.

Use Indigo wisely as it is very powerful for calming down emotional problems but it is not a colour to live in constantly as it can get depressing. If you need this colour in a bedroom to aid sleep and relaxation then add some yellow gold tones or silver to add some light which represents the healing light of the moon.

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