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The Use of Green in Colour Therapy

May 23, 2021
Alternate Pathways
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Green brings physical equilibrium and is physically relaxing. It stimulates the pituitary gland, helping to balance our emotions. Green shows a strong affinity with nature, it can also reveal a desire for harmony and balance in your life and the need for personal space. Green is mentally relaxing and good for stress. It promotes harmony between body, mind and soul, it also helps us connect with empathy to others and the natural world.
Green is the colour of the heart chakra which is placed at the centre of the body and is the middle chakra denoting balance. Green is the healing colour for the heart and lower lung.
To maintain a healthy body we are encouraged to eat green food to cleanse, purify and balance the digestive system. Green foods best to eat are cabbage, brussels, lettuce, cucumber, green peppers, kiwi, limes, artichokes, green beans, peas, green lentils and broccoli etc.
Using green in our interiors creates a feeling of comfort, laziness and relaxation, perfect for city dwellers that need to unwind when they come home. Green is used therapeutically in interiors to create this feeling of space and connection with nature. It provides an energy balance for all other colours and brings a deep sense of healing at many levels. You may have noticed that green is used in operating theatres and on some hospital wards in order to keep the patient calm. You will probably find it in waiting rooms like doctors, solicitors, dentists in order to keep everyone feeling relaxed in a stressful situation.

You do need to be careful with shades of Green because if they are not clear colours they can make you feel sick, especially a green mixed with yellow.
If you are a mother, babysitter or nursery teacher then wearing the colour green or keeping a green object nearby will greatly enhance how you feel whilst with the children.
Wear Green if you are hyperactive, find it difficult to make decisions or exercise clear judgement. Apple green promotes health, happiness and innovation. Grass green gives you understanding and help to others, and encourages abundance in your life. Blue-green offers balance, but arrests movement. Green provides space and time when you do not want to make decisions, but can promote boredom, repression and inactivity.
Use Green wisely and enjoy its power.

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Thank you Joan.

Its my favourite colour too. It balances me out, and always earths me when I see it or touch it in plants.

Green is one of my favorite colors. We have a lot of flowers and plants in our house that add this color to the home decor. It is always pleasant to go downstairs in the morning, looking at the green corners reserved for flowers.

Joan Wilson3y ago

Such an interesting article! love your content.