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The Use of Brown in Colour Therapy
Jul 5, 2021

A warm nurturing earthy safe colour, a colour we associate with Mother Earth. If we surround ourselves with brown furniture, carpets or clothes we feel protected from the outside world. Brown brings stability to the home so is a good colour to include when you are suffering from insecurity. It is best to introduce brown in interior design through natural materials such as wood or ceramics.
Walking in the beauty of Mother Nature, especially in woods and forests we are surrounded by shades of brown in trees, soil, plants etc. This is an instant mood enhancer for all of us and is something we need to do on a regular basis. By planting trees we are not only creating oxygen for ourselves we are creating a haven of peace in which to aid our mental stability.
If you wear brown this suggests an honest down to earth person who likes a structured supported lifestyle. A lover of the best things life has to offer, you are a sensuous type, appreciating good food, drink and company.
Brown is a protective colour but you may be bottling up emotion or a secret that makes you retreat into your shell and fear the outside world. There is a desire to be emotionally secure and accepted by the outside world. You need to understand your self worth and ward off narrow mindedness.
Brown foods are seen as wholesome and good for us, such as wholemeal in bread and cereal, dark chocolate, potato skins, brown rice, brown sugar, nuts, coffee and mushrooms, etc. These are foods we need to help our body to function and to produce bodily waste which is probably a down side to brown
Using brown in interior design will always give a warm nurturing safe environment; the best rooms to use it in are the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and relaxation room.
Using Brown in therapy is not common, as it is only used in extreme cases where the person requiring help is very selfish and not making any contribution to anyone or anything, and even then we would only recommend it in clothing or interior design. When we see brown in auras this is usually an indication of muddy chakras that are blocked and need clearing.
As there are many shades of brown from beiges through terracotta’s to chocolate browns there will be a shade somewhere that we like, that will link us to the goodness of Mother Earth.

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