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The Universe is a Mirror Reflection of You
Dec 29, 2020

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It’s not a lie when it’s said that what you project is exactly what you receive. The universe is a mirror, you see, a reflection of your inner state. The whole interaction between the external Macrocosm of this universe and internal Microcosm of your body is a reflection of this eternal truth. This will make sense with the following explanation.

We ripple as beings, every thought and action, every feeling (especially), is broadcasted away from us and then right back to us. Sometimes the energy is delayed, or stuck, but it always boomerangs back around. Because, we are the universe, at the very root of our being, we are just a sprout detached from the greater ecosystem. Like cells or neurons firing off chemical messages and electric sparks across organs, we are all individual parts of a much larger organism.

There is no evading the energy given, and received. Some people call it karma, some people call it punishment or rewards, resulting in sins and blessings. Others call it manifesting. This universal resonance has many different names.

Don’t believe me? You should experiment.

Try this: Focus on one thing in your life for 7 days straight.

Force yourself to think, “This will turn out well.” Do this repetitively, to the point that there is nothing else you can remember about this one thing except that it will turn out well. You cannot have any other thought about it for this experiment. When you think of this one thing, smile and feel gratitude, even if there is no reason to. The more energy you put towards it, the better. Don’t skip a day, and don’t put any other energy except these thoughts and smiling gratitude. It doesn’t have to make sense. At the end of the 7 day experiment, see what has changed.

As Above so Below

The celestial objects in our solar system are highly resonate with our beings. As you may or may not know, the earth wobbles around the north and south pole, and tilts on an axis towards different constellations each year. Because of this, children born in a constellation are more imbued with the energies that the earth is pointing towards. They are like droplets of dew from the flowers of these stars, fragrant with the essence of the star light.

Our Hearts are Electromagnetic

Just how all material things in the universe, even lifeless objects, have a magnetic field, so do our hearts. And with that, the magnetic fields around our hearts interact several feet beyond our bodies with each other, sending subtle messages. We are communicating with each other, our environments, and the universe, through these magnetic fields of our hearts, and our minds. Now scientific studies have revealed how the heart manages to do many of the tasks the brain can.

Want to Change the External? Self Mastery is the Answer.

Change your universe by looking within. If you want to change your environment, your life, your world, you have to go within. Transform and transmute the things that aren’t working for you, and create something new. When you change within, so will without and all around you. Every time you grow, you’ll notice tumultuous changes happening with every step.

So now you know, the Universe is a Mirror Reflection of your Inner State.

Anything you do, the Universe returns back to you.

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