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The Top 3 Biggest Misconceptions About Manifestation

Mar 29, 2018
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Over the past couple days, I was very honored to interview Jen Mavros, a Woman’s Leadership Coach, Manifestation Expert, and creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation. Jen was able to manifest her husband, major moolah (6 figures), and a thriving business that she loves. In this interview, she will be doing some myth-busting around manifestation, giving you a glimpse of what’s possible, and how you can too.

How did you first discover manifestation?

I started my Spiritual journey 10 years ago. I was reading books, watching documentaries, consuming knowledge like nobody’s business, and then applying that knowledge to my life.

When it comes to manifestation, the biggest thing to understand is that you are manifesting 24⁄7, you’re always doing it.

We are co-creators with the Universe, with God, and manifestation allows you to step into the driver’s seat of your own life. To become a deliberate and conscious co-creator.

The first wake up call I had was when I fully realized how incredibly powerful manifestation was/is. It was when I decided to take a year-ish off of dating because up to that point, let’s be real, I was a hot mess. I had been on this laser-focused mission, to find a man and going nowhere fast. So I took some time off “hunting” for self-growth, fitness and learning to be ok with me.

I started daydreaming about the man of my dreams, without realizing that I was manifesting.

Almost one year to the day, after I opened myself back up again to the idea of dating, I met my now husband. It sounds so cheesy, but he’s truly the man of my dreams.

He is every single thing that I asked for and more. I got so specific, I saw him having big arms, a truck, a beautiful relationship with his family, compassionate heart, an incredible sense of humor, and someone who was just like me, but different. And that is exactly what I got, my husband. He’s a beautiful soul.

I felt a shift, so I retraced my steps and decided to start doing this with my financial health.

At that time, my car had been repossessed, my wages were being garnished, and I had to sell my furniture to pay bills, again, hot mess.

I realized this was completely unacceptable. I knew deep down that I could do better. It’s like I was wasting my potential away and I certainly wasn’t living out my soul’s purpose.

I used the process from before and started manifesting money.

Roughly nine months later, I manifested six figures.

Then I got to work on creating a business, by my design. Where I have the opportunity to be in service to others, infusing my passions, desires and purpose. My goal was/is to help as many people as possible, sharing my message, that you don’t have to live a mediocre life, or struggle. Life is a blessing, it’s a miracle! And you’re more powerful than you realize.

I began teaching my manifestation method through my business.

My business has become my Spiritual journey realized.

Great, what are the 3 biggest misconceptions when it comes to manifestation?

Misconception #1: Manifestation is airy-fairy, New Age Woo Woo

A lot of people think that manifestation is this airy-fairy, New Age, woo woo nonsense.

The way I practice and teach manifestation, it takes you back to the basics to being a good human being.

One of the more well-known steps is to get crystal clear on what you want, to the soul level. And most times, it requires you to go outside of what your belief systems tell you are possible. It’s being clear on what you really desire, not what you think is ‘realistic’. To stop playing small and start dreaming bigger.

Manifestation is not this Christmas list of wants you send to Santa, “Dear Santa, I want a car!” It’s rooting you in gratitude, compassion, reverence, and service for other people, while taking action toward what you want. It’s personal growth.

Nowadays, we are conditioned to think that some things are not possible or doable, that things are hard, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I assist people to think outside the box, to expand their mindset, and reboot them for abundance, not lack.

You can live a thriving, abundant, beautiful life that you are madly in love with.

An important realization is understanding that you’re not a victim of circumstance. And rather than pointing your finger, blaming everyone and everything outside yourself, it’s taking a stand into empowerment and owning your choices, thoughts, and emotions. It’s being in a state of empowerment rather than victim mode.

Misconception #2: Manifestation is not for religious folk, it’s witchcraft / VooDoo

Some people think that if you’re religious, if you’re a person of faith, that manifestation is somehow witchcraft or goes against religion - it’s totally the opposite!

In fact, the majority of the people I serve, are incredibly religious church-going people, and they are devout within their faith. The rest are my “Spiritual, yogi-types” who dig the woo woo, I love them all.

These misconceptions block people, but if they took a moment to do a little more research, or open their mind, they’d see that it’s a beautiful thing that enhances the good from within.

Misconception #3: The Universe will do all the work for me

Some people think manifestation is where you send your wishes out to the universe, on clouds. You sit, wait and then it’s delivered on a silver platter. Haha! Well, kinda, that’s a small fraction of it, but not all.

In actuality, you have to take deliberate, inspired action, towards what you desire.

To me, manifestation is self-growth.

How can we learn more about manifestation from you?

I’ve created a program that takes you through my 10 step process of manifestation.

It’s all things Manifestation, Meditation, Mindset / Beliefs (with some woo woo in there).

It’s a soulful course geared toward feminine leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

Thousands of people have been exposed to my work through manifestation and have experienced radical shifts within life and business.

by Li Lin For The Huffington Post

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