The Sneakiest Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
Mar 29, 2018

Guy Luna
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Do you know how to boost your metabolism? There are some things about your metabolism that you can’t change. You can’t change your age or your gender or your medical history. But that doesn’t mean you can’t speed up your metabolism at all.

There are metabolism-boosting foods, meal-timing tricks, and even a few surprising home design habits to help you burn more calories all day and get the body you deserve. But you should learn the basics about metabolism first. Then, you’ll be able to choose the best way to boost your metabolism for weight loss and better health.

The way you start your day can play a big role in your daily metabolism. Smart dieters get a good night’s sleep so that they have plenty of energy to stay active all day. You can even begin your day with a morning stretch before breakfast to burn a few extra calories.

Then, it’s time to dress and eat breakfast. Believe it or not, your clothing choices can change the number of calories you burn throughout the day. Choose items that make you feel good about your body and promote healthy movement. Finally, make a morning meal that sets you up for a calorie-burning boost all day long.

You probably spend most of your day at the office. So if you don’t speed up your metabolism at work, you may not burn enough calories to lose weight.

So how do you change your metabolism when you’re on the job? It’s easier than you think. Simply schedule mini-activity breaks throughout the day so you have to get out of your chair and move. And at lunch time, be sure that you eat a diet-friendly meal full of protein-rich metabolism-boosting foods.

And don’t forget about snack-time! Skip the high-sugar bars that can make you feel sluggish. Boost your energy level with a bar that builds muscle.

Did you know that you can boost your metabolism while you clean your house? It’s true! Simply changing the way you carry out certain household chores can change the number of calories you burn. Some housecleaning routines can burn 200-400 calories or more!

But it’s not just housecleaning that can help you speed up your metabolism at home. Scientists have found that simple home design changes can help you to eat less and move more often. And on the days when you feel lazy, you can even boost do a metabolism-boosting workout on the couch!

Are there foods that help you burn more calories? Yes, there are. But I’ll let you in on a little secret about metabolism-boosting foods. They don’t burn that many more calories than regular foods.

In fact, I wouldn’t rely on a “fast metabolism diet” as your primary weight loss method. You can burn a lot of extra calories from daily movement, but only a few extra calories from metabolism-boosting foods.

The same is also true for eating all the time. Many dieters try to boost their metabolism by eating more frequently. But this strategy to avoid “starvation mode” often backfires and causes weight gain instead.

So how do you eat the right foods at the right time to speed up your metabolism? You can choose foods that burn more calories, just be sure that you eat them in moderation just like you eat all of your diet-friendly foods.

Exercise is the best way to change your metabolism. A great workout program helps rev up your metabolic engine so that you burn more calories all day long even when you’re at home sitting on the couch.

But a metabolism-boosting workout is not easy. The workouts that make a big difference are the hardest ones to do. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t change your metabolism as a beginner.

Beginning-level workouts build strength, burn calories and boost your health. All of these factors have a positive impact on your metabolism, so beginning-level workouts are a great place to start if you are not ready for vigorous exercise.

There are so many ways to boost your metabolism and change your body. But as you can see, there is no single trick that works miracles. To change the way your body works, you need to change the way you live your life.

If you really want to speed up your metabolism, start with changes to your daily activity. You’ll see the greatest benefit if you can move more throughout the day. Then make diet-friendly food choices that help you to feel more energized. And lastly, skip the metabolism-boosting pills and potions (unless your doctor prescribes it). Most of them don’t work and some even cause harm.

And remember, when you start any new program to boost your metabolism or change your weight, small changes work best. Choose just a few of these changes then add new daily habits as you see weight loss results.

by Malia Frey For Very Well

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