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The Power Of Dragon's Breath
Jan 21, 2023

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Working With Dragon's Breath

Dragons are a force to be reckoned with, they are associated with the five elements of the physical plane, as well as the astral one. These beings are commonly associated with protection, wisdom, heightened awareness and destruction throughout many cultures that existed before modern times. From ancient myths, legends, movies, books and video games these creatures are one of the most popular magickal beings. Not only does their reputation speak for themselves, one of their most potent powers lies in their breath.

No different from the element of fire itself, the dragon’s fire that spews from its mouth has the ability to cause destruction and chaos yet is able to purify and protect itself from harm’s way. When a practitioner taps into the Draconian current, the main element that is present is fire that is used to burn away blockages trapped in their subconscious, toxic people from their lives, to heal ourselves, protect our energies from unwanted energies also, for offensive spells. The Draconian path (even other magickal paths) requires people to face the truth of reality, no matter how ugly or painful. This is done by chaotic means, by tackling whatever issue that is troubling the practitioner, or hindering their growth. Whether the situation at hand is of relationships, career, life, family, or anything the flame from the dragon’s breath will burn away the root problem.

At first, this can seem frightening or confusing due to the nature of this path (I’ve been there) however, this is usually the sign that the power of flames is working. As the dragon’s flame continues to burn away the practitioner’s outdated thoughts, beliefs and situations, realizations eventually reveal itself. For some it’s finding out who they are as a person, gaining the confidence to jump into a new career, starting a new relationship, or anything that will benefit their lives. The key here is to not to give up, keep on pushing until the end because the reward will be worth it.

Some Tips For Working With Dragon’s Breath

  • Another element that must be stressed here is: faith in yourself. There are going to be times when giving up will be tempting (I’ve been here before) from a flurry of emotions that can be overwhelming. When someone has faith in themselves, there’s a spark that shines from within encouraging them to push on, no matter the obstacles that lie in the way. With this being said, here are some tips that may help along the way during the dragon’s breath:

  • Meditate, meditate, meditate! I know this may seem redundant, especially when a lot of magickal paths tend to start off with this practice. That’s because, when you meditate, you are allowing your mind to settle down those racing thoughts and feelings. This also allows you to get in touch with your subconscious mind that is locked away from the conscious mind. It doesn’t have to be hours on end, it can be as little as five minutes.

  • Write about it in your BoS or journal. When you write down your experiences, you gain insight to patterns of your behavior, mindset, beliefs, and feelings. This is also useful for jotting down symbols from your dreams, meditation experiences, and the like! You are the master of yourself!

  • Do something mundane. When all else fails, try to get your mind distracted on something constructive, beneficial and/or fun. Activities such as yoga, drawing, weight-lifting, reading, dressing up or just playing games to just chill. The choice is yours and there is no shame in what you do.

  • Consult your Higher Self. It doesn’t matter if you call it your Higher Self, True Self, or anything else the innermost person inside yourself can help you out. That little voice inside of your head (no, not the critical one), is your innermost Self always looking out for you. They will sometimes give out advice, nudge you with that ‘gut’ feeling or even communicate with you through dreams of whatever situation that you’re going through.

Remember, they are always on your side and want the best for you!

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