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The Power of Emotions. How to Master Your Mind

Mar 29, 2018
Lela Valdez
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Your mind is a powerful force.

So powerful, that a mere intention can create a vibrant life, while a careless thought can spiral into despair and destruction.

Our minds are ruled by emotions and our actions governed by our ego’s. Human beings believe that they have fallen victim to something ‘out there’ that has control over what goes on ‘in here’.

That’s your lot in life, some are lucky, others are unlucky, constantly giving power away and hiding behind the excuses of the stories we tell ourselves.

The truth is you are responsible for your life and its outcomes. If you are open to the idea of mastering your mind, never again will you allow something else to intervene on your path of success.


You are responsible for your decisions, your effort, your level of commitment and your success. Your mind does what you allow it to do so reign it in and tame the self-doubt and criticism and expect more from yourself.

Know your story

What ‘story’ do you tell yourself about why life is not going the way you want it to? What do you use as a crutch and an excuse instead of going out there and getting what you want? It may be an illness, a mindset, a material limitation, a belief system. Whatever it is, you are hiding behind it because you are afraid of not being able to accomplish what you’d like to. Own your story and then change it.

Stop the madness

The moment you are triggered by your ‘story’ your mind becomes out of control. Over thinking, over analyzing, lying awake at night, constantly trying to convince yourself of why you are right. Just STOP. Visualize a bright red stop sign in your mind, take a deep breath and prevent the madness from continuing. Replace it with a positive and encouraging statement like “I’ve got this.” Talk yourself down from the mayhem until all you are focused on are your words of encouragement.

Feed your soul

Your mind needs nourishment; strong, kind, uplifting words to feed your soul. Choose your thoughts and your words carefully. Speak to yourself as if you were a young child who needs encouragement and confidence. Your mind has spent most of its life thinking negatively, so be patient with yourself. Train your mind as you would your body for a marathon; repetition, nourishment and daily regiments of positivity.

Clear out the old

Let go of the old by seeing it for what it is; something that no longer serves you. Process it and release it to make space for the new. Forgive yourself and others and then move forward.

Learn from the masters

They have already walked the journey you are embarking on. Read about them and learn from them. Be open to new ways of being and living.

A good relationship with your mind is essential to building a life of value and success. Become the master of your mind.

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