The Neural Basis of Healing Mudras
Mar 29, 2018

Alexandra Weber
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The human body is an unparalleled marvel; of nature. It is perfect in all respects. It not only performs its functions as it is meant to but is also capable of adapting to changed circumstances (environmental factors, loss of parts etc.), correcting any functional parameters that may be going out (diseases), repairing any defects creeping in (accidental damages), and taking care of any malfunctioning (ailments) of the constituent parts (organs).

The human body needs no outside help as long as it performs as nature intended for it to perform. It is only when we venture out that we get into problems. Animals in consonance with nature do not need Doctors. They do contract diseases but get over them in time. Only those animals that are taken out of their natural surroundings by humans, made to change their ways, given unnatural foods etc., are the ones that need unnatural treatments.

In the natural course of things, all that an affected part has to do is to send a message to the master – THE BRAIN. The super computer that is beyond the wildest imagination of modern science. This BRAIN then studies / analyses the problem, determines solutions / actions required, decides what resources are necessary to meet the situation and who will provide them. It then conveys the instructions to the involved parties. All of them then come together, act in concert and provide relief / repairs to the affected part. All this is done in less time than you could say ‘WOW’

The key to efficient working of this entire system is an efficient message communication system. Time is often of essence in such situations and clarity and speed of communication of vital importance. The communication system is our nerves. Spread over the entire body, these nerves carry innumerable and infinitely complex messages without pause.

This communication system is not permitted to have defects (nervous tensions).

This communication system is not permitted to have breakdowns (nervous breakdown).

When a wire carrying messages gets a nick or a dent, when a message carrying frequency encounters an interference, the messages get garbled and do not come across clearly. This causes a ‘Communication Gap’. Any Communication Gap can seriously undermine the efficacy of the system and hence the cure. This is what happens between the sender and the receiver in the human body also. This prevents the correct nature of complaint reaching the brain and the correct actions reaching the various involved constituents.

Therefore it is of vital importance that the nerves stay in their natural condition and natural tension – the default tension provided by nature. The logic applying to animals and more so to humans. The farther humans go from nature, the more the tensions in their nerves go out of the default settings. Dealing with nerves, Mudra Vigyan is a neural science.


  • How do we get the nerves back to the default settings?

  • What is the default setting for the nerves?

  • How do we identify or address the right nerves?

The answer is quite simple if we are really concerned about our bodies. It is logical too; if we realize that this body is given to us only once and has to last us for a lifetime. A lifetime – whose span to some extent, but whose quality to a very large extent, can and has to be decided by us. Let us see for ourselves, how.

How do we get the nerves back to the default settings?

Music is sweet only when the tension in the instrument’s strings is correct. This tension can be corrected by tightening the string end on a peg. Similarly, the music of life can be sweet only when the tensions in the body’s nerves are correct and the health is perfect. Nature, the master craftsperson, has already taken care of this. It has provided the bodies with similar fixtures at the end of the body’s extremities – the hands and the feet.

Just by folding different fingers in different manners, and to different extents, different tensions can be provided to different nerves to bring them to their default tensions. When further required, even the position of the hands can be specified to increase or decrease the values.

What is the default tension setting for the nerves?

The nerves can be compared with elastic lines that can be stretched or made taut. When the elastic is kept stretched for long, it loses its elastic properties and becomes lose. On the other hand if it is used indiscriminately it may shrink and dry up; once again making it useless. A default setting is a value that is specified for optimum efficiency of this property of the elastic – the nerve in our case.

The default setting of the nerves is thus the natural value of the tension that each specified nerve, should be required to maintain at all times. If the nerve is in this tension, it will be healthy and stress free for smooth and clear communication of the messages. Research by the ancient seers defined this in a manner easy to understand and easy to apply.

The default settings of the extremities have been depicted as Mudras or finger postures. When the fingers are folded in the manner specified a certain tension comes on them. If this position of the fingers and hands is held and the tension maintained for a specified period of time repeatedly, the nerves gradually start getting used to the new tension and ultimately reach it.

Throughout the life of the body, as it ages or it changes shape, nature maintains and keeps correcting the default tension values required by each nerve. This is done by suitably changing the shape of the fingers and hands.

How do we identify or address the right nerves?

This is precisely what Mudra Vigyan is all about. This is what we will learn and understand when we go deeper into the mysteries of this ancient neural science.

The Science behind Mudras

Any living body is made of 5 distinct elements, namely Fire, Wind, Ether, Earth and Water.

The 5 fingers of the hand represent these 5 elements:

1. Thumb Fire

2. Forefinger Wind

3. Middle finger Ether

4. Ring finger Earth (solid matter)

5. Little finger Water (liquid matter)

The finger tips of every living being have many concentrated nerve root endings, which are free energy discharge points. By touching together of the tips of the fingers or the finger tips to other parts of the palms, the fingers form what is called a psycho-neural lock. The free energy (Prana) is then redirected back into the body. Knowing which elements are out of sync we can decide which elements need to be corrected.

Then keeping the specified nerves stretched for specified periods, tones up of the nervous system. Compare this with Acupressure or Acupuncture. The advantage in Mudras is that the pressure to be applied on the nerves is automatic and controlled by the shape and size of one’s own, fingers and not by external agencies.

No one knows how many mudras there are. There can be thousands and thousands depending on the various permutations and combinations of the fingers, their joints and positions. The sadhaks are constantly discovering new mudras. While specific Mudras are available to prevent or cure specific ailments, I give below two mudras that can be done by anyone and everyone, for any length of time, anywhere and they will always do good.

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